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“I’ve been working with Voices since 2012, and it has been an awesome experience. Every year they expand and grow and bring me new tools and tips for growing my client list and assist in bringing me work.”

Meesah K.

“I feel so well supported by Voices. This company is super professional and it’s such a pleasure to work with these kind people in any sector of this company. I don’t have enough kind words to say about this organization.”

Matthias L.

“Voices is a great place to highlight your talents to clients, and it’s easy to navigate. Whether you have another job, or this is the one you do, there is always an opportunity to respond to.”

Kelly W.

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Voices is Your Source for French to English Translation Jobs

Voices is a resource for clients to find voice over talent, musicians, audio producers, and professional translators and for talented freelancers to find work fulfilling those jobs. Bilingual freelancers who speak French and English can find online translating jobs through Voices.

Brands and businesses can choose from a global talent pool of professional creatives, who are available on-demand. When you join Voices as a French to English translator, you are telling the world that you can deliver top-quality translation work.

Benefits for Talented Translators

French to English translators benefit from easily finding enjoyable translation jobs on Voices. Many recognizable and respected brands hire talent from Voices, and they offer translators an opportunity to use their translation skills to add to their income and grow their portfolios. They also get to build their network and freelancing reputation. To gain exposure on Voices, you simply create a profile and share a portfolio of your best translation work.

With about 275 million native French speakers and 380 million native English speakers worldwide, there is no shortage of opportunities in both languages. The market for English-languge content is one of the largest worldwide, and over 2 billion people in the world can communicate in English. By offering French to English translation services, you’re opening yourself up to a wealth of freelance projects.

French to English Translation

French and English languages have different verb tenses and sentence structures, making it vital that clients hire a professional translator to capture the essence of the original French content into its new form in English. While many English-speakers can understand French, and both languages also have Germanic influences, a professional translation makes all the difference when it comes to proper grammar and incorporating cultural nuances.

Clients might look for translators with experience in specific variants. For example, they might want a translator who speaks European French rather than the Canadian variant, depending on the market they are targeting. Localizing content is especially important when translating from French to English, and offering that kind of personalization can be the key to standing out as a French to English translator online.

Why Do Freelance Work with Voices

Voices provides translators with exceptional freelance opportunities and the flexibility to work on these jobs from anywhere. Our expansive client list includes recognizable brands in a range of industries, providing freelance translators with the opportunity to build their portfolios and nurture professional relationships. Professional translators can share their profiles on Voices to get the attention of clients who want a convenient one-stop shop for their creative projects.

Potential Translating Jobs on Voices

The types of translation jobs available on Voices vary, but can include:

  • Translating text
  • Translating video or audio
  • Translating captioning
  • Interpreting for call centers
  • Interpreting for sales departments
  • Translating for computer apps
  • Translating for professional fields like law or medicine
  • Translating dictation
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Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a translator takes time. You first must learn to speak two languages fluently. Many translators decide to specialize in an industry. For example, you might translate medical work from French to English or you might choose to translate art and fashion content from French to English.

Because people speak French on nearly all continents, clients need French translators. Ideally, French translators need to be able to speak English, since 2 billion people speak English worldwide. French is a major world language and serves as an important communication tool in Europe. Translators often find work in business, medical, legal, and tech-related industries.