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The Complete Guide to Voices for Talent

Table of Contents

Joining Voices

Your success is our success: that’s been our mantra since we started back in 2015. To this end, we employ an incredible team of passionate and dedicated people who want you to be successful in the development of your career.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to use the Voices platform. First things first…

Is Voices right for me?

If you’re an experienced professional looking to expand your clientele and add big names to your portfolio, we can help. We open doors to working with some of the world’s largest brands because of our reputation and experience in the creative services online industry. Instead of you calling gatekeepers and spending precious time trying to make the right connections from home, we facilitate those relationships for you. This means you just focus on bringing your unique skills to every job opportunity and building another revenue stream while we handle the networking for you.

If you’re new to the industry and looking for a place to get started we’ve got you covered, too. As an expert in the audio services industry, we’ve got the resources to support you as you get set up and best of all, we’ve got the connections to get you booking that first, fifth, and one-thousandth job. There’s nothing worse than getting all set up to do voice over work and then having no job opportunities. We’ve helped thousands of talents go from brand new to professional and we’d be happy to help you do the same—this industry is big enough for all of us.

Who Voices is not right for.

Anyone not willing to put in the work. As much as we’d love to give everyone a job just for signing up with Voices, the reality is that clients choose the best talent for their job. That means you’re going to need to set aside time each week, even every day, to respond to job opportunities. And you’ll want to be consistent! Even if you’re not booking work right away (which is totally normal) the process of responding to jobs is great practice and you’d be amazed at the progress you can make just by responding to jobs. We often see those who persevere end up booking work once they find their groove. Like most things, it’s a matter of doing the work and not giving up. 

What do I get with Voices?

  • Access to over 42,000 companies posting more than 5,000 jobs each month
  • Hassle and fee-free payment
  • Support network of Voices staff, resources, and fellow successful creatives here to help you grow your business

Does it sound like Voices might be a good tool for you to secure more leads and grow your business? Let’s get to it then!


Creating Your Account

Create your account in 3 easy steps:

  1. Click here and select ‘Find Work as a Talent” to create your account. 
  2. Verify your email address – so we know you’re not a robot. 
  3. Add your mailing address – so we know you’re in a country we can work with. 

Now that you’ve created your account let’s talk about the types of memberships available to you.

Memberships on Voices

We have two types of memberships: free Guest members (which is what you are when you first create a profile) and subscribed members (which is what you are when you pay for a membership with us).

As a Guest member you can:

  • Make a profile – so you have a presence on our site, similar to your own personal website
  • Tell us about your skills – so we know what kind of jobs you want to see
  • Upload your creative portfolio – show off your unique skills! Plus, you can be found in search by clients if you have a demo or portfolio sample

As a Guest, you can only respond to a client’s job when they invite you to it. Clients invite you to their job through your demos and portfolio samples.

As a subscribed member you can:

  1. Get easy access to clients and their jobs – allowing you to unlock new income opportunities
  2. Automatically receive public job invites – as we match your profile to the best-suited jobs for you
  3. Achieve higher visibility in search results – so clients see your portfolio samples first

More details about each plan can be found here.


Starting From My Home

Whether you’re a Guest or a subscribed member, MyHome is your landing page when you sign in to your account. It’s your headquarters for managing all aspects of working with us. You’ll see your:

  • Job matches
  • Jobs you’ve been shortlisted for
  • Profile checklist

You’ll also find links to manage your jobs, payments, messages to/from clients, and account settings in the top navigation bar.

Quick tip: Your Profile Checklist in My Home is a great place to see at a glance which pieces of information you still need to add to your profile. Once you click on ‘Add’ next to any of the recommendations, you’ll be taken to the relevant spot in your ‘Edit Profile’ view where you can easily add whatever information is missing.

Read more about maximizing your workflows and opportunities here.

Completing Your Profile

Your profile and your demos are essential to connect you to the right opportunities. They are your resume of work and your personal advertisement in our marketplace. Potential clients can learn about you, your experience, and the voice over skills you offer. They can view your profile, review your demos, read your ratings and reviews, and invite you to their job— right from your profile.

Job opportunities are sent to you based upon a variety of factors, but it all starts with your profile, which includes the voice over categories you add to your profile but also fields such as language, gender, age, genre, software, and demo tags.

Be sure your profile is 100% complete because the more complete your profile, the better we can match you with opportunities, and the more work you book. It’s worth the effort!

Your next step: Login to your account and click “Edit Profile.” 

Quick tip: You can only edit your profile on a computer or tablet. Editing on the mobile app is not currently possible.  

Let’s go through each section of your profile.

Personal Info

Personal Info houses all your public-facing information. Clients see what you write here, so be sure it’s professional, authentic, and most importantly, information you’re comfortable being public. 

Let’s take a look at what makes up your Personal Info. 

Your next step: Click the ‘Personal Info’ tab from across the top of the page.

About Me

Your About Me section contains your name and an overview. Your Overview should be a brief summary of yourself. Share a bit about yourself as a creative professional—talk about your career, your background, what kinds of projects you like to work on, and what it’s like working with you. Feel free to add some personality here! 

Profile Link

Your username is used to create your profile link. Your profile link will take anyone straight to your profile. 

Your profile link looks like this:*your username*

Your username is auto-generated when you sign up. You can update it once here. After which your username cannot be changed.


Displayed Address

You can add your city, state/province, country to your profile. This information is used in location-based search results when clients are looking for a freelancer in a certain area.

Profile Photo

Clients are more likely to trust and hire talent with a profile photo. Upload a photo of yourself to present a professional, polished image. 

Quick tip: For best results, upload a square image with equal dimensions and a picture of yourself that represents who you are as a creative professional and business owner.

To upload your picture:

  1. Save the image as a .gif or .jpg as a file on your computer. 
  2. Sign into your account and access the profile editor by hovering over the ‘Me’ avatar in the top navigation bar and selecting ‘Edit Profile’
  3. Scroll to the Profile Photo section and select ‘Upload Photo’
  4. Browse your computer for your image file, select it and the file will appear in the Select File box.
  5. Click ‘Save Edits’ at the bottom of the profile page. 
  6. Your picture will now appear in the Profile area of your account and will accompany your portfolio samples in search.

Read more about creating a winning profile.

Next, let’s look at how to add the voice over categories we mentioned earlier that tell us which job opportunities would be a good fit for you.

The voice over categories you add help VoiceMatch™ to match you with jobs. It’s best to start by choosing the categories you feel you can perform most confidently. Examples include: Onlinc Ad, Video Narration, Audiobooks, etc.

For a more detailed look at setting up your profile read this FAQ.

Demos (+ how search works)

For each voice over category you add, you must add a demo.

Our search results always showcase a demo so without one you won’t appear in clients’ search results and you miss out on the opportunity to be privately invited to jobs. 

Quick tip: Aim to upload at least one demo for every category you’ve added for your best results in search and job opportunity matches.

Uploading A Demo 

Your demo must be a .MP3 file.

To upload your demo:

  1. Click ‘Edit Profile’ from your ‘Me’ drop down in the top right of your Voices profile.
  2. Across the top you’ll see three tabs: Overview, Demos, and Statistics. Select ‘Demos’.
  3. Select ‘+ Add a Demo’
  4. Complete the prompts to title, describe, and tag your demo.
  5. Finally, select ‘Add Demo’ at the bottom of your screen and you’re done!

For more detail on how to title, describe, and tag your demos, click here.

After you upload a demo you’ll be taken back to your Demo page. Here you’ll see all of your voice over demos. 

Changing the order of your demos

When clients visit your profile they’ll see your top five demos. Change the order of your demos by dragging and dropping each demo. Click ‘View Profile’ in the left-hand column to see what your profile looks like to clients. Click ‘Edit Profile’ to come back to edit mode.

Read more on how to maximize your demos here.

Ratings, Reviews, and Compliments

Clients can leave a feedback rating and review for you, and you can do the same for them. They can also leave a compliment if they feel you excelled in a particular area. Compliment badges and reviews are displayed on your profile and are a great way to build your online reputation.

For more information on leaving a review or changing a review check out this FAQ and this blog post.


Analyze your progress and do more of what’s working for you. Only subscribing voice over talent have access to Statistics.

Find Inspiration from Top Talent on the Voices Leaderboard

The Voices Leaderboard is a great place for talent to find inspiration—and maybe even a little motivation! The Leaderboard showcases the best and the latest up-and-coming talent in all our services. Categories like ‘Favorites’ and ‘Most Reviews’ are excellent places to go if you’re newer to the industry and want to see what the pros are doing. Of course, you don’t want to copy them; however, it can be an excellent way to see how it’s done and add your spin to showcase what you bring to each job.

Learn more about the Voices Leaderboard here. Visit the Voices Leaderboard here.

Replying to Jobs

Your ‘Jobs’ tab (found in the top navigation bar of your profile) is where you’ll see everything related to jobs you’ve been invited to respond to and jobs you’ve been hired for. 

Let’s get started by talking about how jobs are matched to you.

Learning About VoiceMatch™

VoiceMatchlooks at your profile and demos and factors in other elements of your on-platform experience to bring you the best matches to suit your skills. To get the most from the Voices platform, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Profile
    Fill out your profile completely and upload demos, tagging everything properly. This helps VoiceMatch understand your skill set.
  2. Progress
    As you respond to jobs and achieve steps like being shortlisted, VoiceMatchbuilds up a picture, rewarding quality effort and engagement, and sends you jobs that you have the best chance of being hired for. You want to be wise in how you respond to job invites, responding to the jobs you have the skill to do well, following the artistic direction carefully, and ensuring you provide a quality audition every time. You continue to make progress and book your first job. This can take some time.
  3. Performance
    You build up a performance history on Voices, which is made up of many factors, including your previous interactions with clients and the attributes of jobs that you’ve been most successful in booking or being shortlisted for. VoiceMatchcontinues to build a picture and sends the best matches to you—those you have the highest likelihood of successfully booking. You establish a history of success that sets the foundation for future success.

Now that you know how jobs land in your Jobs tab, let’s take a look at how your Jobs tab is set up (hint: it’s to keep you organized!)

Navigating the Job Lists

Along the top of your Jobs page there are six tabs to help you keep track of your jobs:

  1. Hiring
  2. Saved
  3. Answered
  4. Awarded
  5. Done
  6. Archived

You can also navigate to these pages by hovering over Jobs, located in the navigation bar at the top of your page.


Jobs you’re invited to respond to are listed under Hiring. Here you’ll see high-level details about the job. These include:

  • Posted date
  • Who the job was posted by and their rating and reviews
  • The job’s Status
  • Budget
  • Number of responses received so far
  • Your VoiceMatch score
  • Response deadline
  • ‘Save for Later’ icon
  • And finally the ‘Reply to Job’ button

Click anywhere on the job to view the job’s details. Click the ‘Reply to Job’ button to go directly to submit your response.

How should you prioritize which jobs to respond to first? Great question! And one our pro talents have answered in detail in this blog post

Quick tip: Start with the newest jobs (those with the highest job number) and work your way down. 


You’ll see a small grey bookmark icon next to the ‘Reply to Job’ button—that’s your Save icon.

When clicked, this button will turn purple, indicating you’ve added it to your ‘Saved’ tab. This Save button also appears on the Jobs Detail page at the top right, between the ‘Reply to Job’ button and the ‘Archive Job’ button. 

Quick Tip:  Save all the jobs you plan to respond to, click the ‘Saved’ tab and find them all there, ready for you to respond to.

Click here for more information on saving jobs.


Jobs you’ve responded to will live here. 

You’ll also see how clients have interacted with your response through icons. 

Quick tip: Use the Show and Sort filters to quickly look through your Answered jobs.

Head over to Getting Familiar with the Job Icons and Understanding Job Status sections of this user guide to learn more about how clients are interacting with your responses to their jobs. 


All jobs you’ve been awarded—i.e. hired for—will appear here. This is where a job will live while you’re completing the work for it. 


Your job will move to Done once you’ve completed the work—nice job!


Don’t want to respond to a job and just want to move it out of your way? Archive it! Click into the job, then select the Archive icon in the top right.

Quick tip: Enter the job number in the Search filter to quickly find a job on any of these tabs.

Becoming Familiar with the Job Icons

Next to each job in your Job List you will see a variety of icons. Don’t worry if you can’t remember them all now—we have a Legend on your Jobs tab with all of these definitions. Simply click the Legend icon to view.


A purple featured icon indicates the client is expecting a fast response and generally a fast turnaround of the project once you’re hired. Prioritize responding to these jobs.

Private Invites

The Private Invite icon indicates that you’ve been privately invited to this job. This means the client has specifically invited you to respond to their job after finding your demo in our search or browse experience.

Clients have the option of privately inviting you, and other talent, to their jobs. Private invitations are usually sent when a client is particularly interested in hearing you respond to their job.

You’ll also see Private Invitation in the subject line of the job notification email.

These are also jobs you should prioritize responding to.

Public Invites 

Clients can request that public invitations—or open calls—be sent to talent whose profiles best match their job’s requirements. Clients choose to post jobs publicly when they would like to hear from a variety of talent before awarding their job.

Only Premium members have access to public invitations. 

You’ll see your invitation to respond to public jobs in two places:

  1. Your Hiring list on Voices.
  2. Your personal email inbox (depending on the settings you selected in Account Settings/Account/Email Setting).

You’ll know it’s a Public invite by the subject line of the job notification email.

Managed Service Jobs

A blue ‘V’ icon indicates that this job was posted by a Voices Account Manager and is a Managed Services job. Generally, clients enlist the help of our Managed Services team when they need an extra layer of support for their project. It could be they’re short on time and need someone to coordinate the posting, casting (with the client having the final say) and edits. Or, they need work done in multiple languages and they need help sourcing talent. Whatever the client needs, our Managed Services team is here to educate and direct clients to help them find the best talent for their project.

Click here for more information.


Your response has been listened to by the client.


Your response has been added to a shortlist. 

This is a great sign! It means the client likes what you put forth and you’re in the running to get the job. Generally speaking, if you’re being shortlisted for jobs it means being hired for one isn’t far away – if it hasn’t happened already!

Responded and Archived 

Identifies jobs in your Archived tab that you’ve responded to. If you responded to a job and then Archive-it you remove your response from a client’s list of responses.

Quick tip: Clients often privately invite talent to a new job from responses they liked on an old job.

Worked Together Previously

You have been hired by this client before.


Looking to narrow down your jobs to certain criteria? Easily done! Select Filters, Show or Sort to organize your jobs to suit your workflow.

Quick tip: You’ll see a number beside your Filters if you have filtered your Job list. This will narrow down, i.e., reduce the number of jobs you’re seeing in your list. To clear your Filters select ‘Filters’, then ‘Clear’ to see all jobs matched to you.

Understanding Job Status

The status of a job gives you helpful information at a glance. Again, don’t worry if you don’t memorize all these now. You can find Job Status definitions in the Legend on your Jobs tab.

  • HiringThis job is accepting responses. Go for it!
  • Deciding – This job is no longer accepting responses and the client is deciding on the right talent for their gig.
  • Offering – Only the successful talent will see this status as a reminder to accept the Job Agreement.
  • Working – The Job Agreement has been accepted and the job is in progress.
  • DoneYou’ve successfully completed this job and the payment has been released to you.
  • Completed – If you responded to this job but weren’t hired you will see this status instead. No further action is necessary.

Seeing the Job Details

See a job that piques your interest? Let’s dig into it! From your Hiring list, click anywhere on the job card to be taken to the ‘Job Details’ page. This page fully describes the project requirements, budget range, response deadline, and project deadline.

Here you’ll see everything you need to know to decide if this job is right for you. You’ll see:

  • Performance Details – Here you’ll see things like language, accent, software, genre – information that’ll help you understand the creative direction the client is looking for.
  • Job Highlights – Here you’ll see the job specs (budget, usage, word count, length, etc.) that’ll help you create your quote.
  • Job Details – This contains date information like when the job was posted, when responses are due, and the date the client needs the job done called ‘Project Deadline’. It’s important to check this date and make sure you’ll be available to complete the job by this deadline. Best practice is to review the job highlights for the specs, estimate how long it’ll take you to complete that work, and make sure your schedule allows you to meet the job requirements and the project deadline before responding. 
  • Client Details – Shows you who the job was posted by, a link to their profile, and their star rating.
  • ‘Report a Concern’ button – Use this when you see a job that isn’t E for everyone. We have filters and a Customer Support team that prevent 99% of inappropriate jobs from getting through to you but if you do see one that doesn’t align with our E for everyone rating please flag it so we can let the client know what’s appropriate on Voices.
  • ‘Print Job’ button – Useful if you like to print off scripts for your reads.

Responding to a Job

Ready to respond to a job? How exciting! Your next step is to create and then upload your response. 

Your next step: Click the ‘Reply to Job’ button located at the top right of your ‘Job Details’ page.

You’ll be taken to the ‘Response Page’. We’ve organized the Response page to help you nail your response by always showcasing vital information like performance details, job highlights, and job details on the right side of your page so you don’t have to flip back to the Job Details page as you’re uploading your quote or proposal. Nothing like getting to the quote section and forgetting how much the client said they had for the budget to make having the job details on the side be a welcome feature!

Responding to a job requires 3 steps:

  1. Add your Proposal
  2. Set your Quote
  3. Upload your Response File

You can only submit to a job posting once so please do not reply to the job until you are ready to send in your response. 

Adding your Proposal

Send the client a short note explaining why you are the best candidate for the job. Think of this as your cover letter. Additionally, it’s imperative to answer any questions a client asked in the job posting in your proposal. 

A persuasive and relevant proposal can be the tipping reason a client decides on your response. 

Add your proposal by either selecting it from a template you created previously or typing it in. 

Quick tip: Use {Client Name} where you want the Client’s first name to be auto-filled. The name will be shown on Preview and Submitted Response.

Need some help getting your proposal started? We can help! We’ve created proposal templates for you which you can find under ‘Me’ / ‘Templates’ in the top navigation bar of your Voices profile. 

Creating Templates

Save time replying to jobs by creating templated proposals. To add a new proposal template:

  1. Hover over the ‘Me’ dropdown in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select ‘Templates’
  3. Select ‘Create Template’ to create a new template from scratch or select the ‘Edit’ pencil icon beside the default template already on your profile to add your spin to a pre-created template.
  4. Add your Template Name.
  5. Select the Service you’d like this template to be for.
  6. Write your Proposal.
  7. Write your Revision Policy *optional*.
  8. Click Save.

What’s a Revision Policy? Explain what you include free of charge and/or your rate for additional project changes.

Now when you respond to a job in the Service you selected for this template you’ll see this as a template.

Make as many templates as you think you’ll need to address the different types of jobs you will be responding to.

Quoting on the Work

The client will include a fixed budget or a budget range to help guide you. When you enter your quote you’ll see the amount you’ll take home and the amount the client will see with your response. These two fields are ‘Your Earnings’ and ‘Your Quote’.

Your Earnings = The amount you will be paid if you book the job.

Your Quote = The amount the client will see with your response. We do this to be transparent with the fees on Voices. You’ll see a 20% platform fee added to Your Earnings. This fee helps us provide you with the technologies, tools, and support to facilitate the matching of talent to job opportunities, and the fast and secure exchange of services between clients and talent. Click here to learn more.

You can easily adjust the amount in Your Earnings or Your Quote. This allows you to see in real-time what you’ll earn and what the client will be quoted.

Quote whatever you feel is fair for the work being requested and your skillset. Try not to quote less than their minimum budget and if you quote above their minimum budget explain why in your proposal.

Responding to Jobs that Require a Live Directed Session

You’ll see whether the client wants a live directed session right in your job invite emails as well as in the job list, in your filtering options, and in the detailed job posting view. If you want to receive these invites, make sure to update the Live Directed Session section in your profile. Check off yes if you offer live directed sessions and all of the software you’re able to use for these sessions.

You can also update the Live Directed Session Policy field in your Proposal Templates. This is an optional open text field that you can use to specify logistics and any specific detail you think would be helpful for clients to know about your process for live directed sessions.

When you respond to a job requiring a live directed session, you’ll see one quote field that needs to include the cost for providing the work, any licensing requirements, and the cost for providing a live directed session. Generally, charging for the cost of a one-hour live directed session is typical, but it will depend on the word count specified in the job posting. It’s completely up to you to charge what you feel is appropriate for providing a live directed session.

You’ll see what the client pays and what you take home as you’re used to seeing. The client will see the total when they hire and check out. Only respond to these jobs if you do offer live directed sessions.

Uploading Your Response File

To upload a custom demo, click on the ‘Browse’ button to locate the file on your computer hard drive. You will receive a confirmation that your response was submitted successfully once you have clicked on ‘Submit’ to conclude the response process.

Submitting a Custom Response

When responding to a job posting, there will be a sample script, and it is recommended that you record a custom response using a portion of the script provided (e.g. 20 to 30 seconds of recorded material).

What clients are looking for when they request a voice over custom response is your interpretation of the script copy provided, correct pronunciation of potentially difficult words, and an example of what you can produce in a specified time frame. If you do take the time to record a twenty-second dry voice read, select a portion of the script that will best show your skills and be sure to protect your work by using the tools available to you.

Once you submit your response and review it from your ‘Answered’ tab you will see your actual placement in the total number of responses received by the client. 

A copy of your response will be recorded in your ‘Answered’ jobs area for future reference.

Job Agreements/Agreeing to the Terms

When a client awards a job to you, an agreement is sent for your review, solidifying the terms and deadlines you’ve discussed. Accept the agreement to move ahead with the job.

Click here and here for more information on Agreements.

Uploading Finished Work

Deliver completed work to a client by uploading the project files to Voices. Drag and drop or click to upload makes it simple and straightforward.

Responding to Broadcast License Renewal Requests

Broadcast License Renewals are built right into our platform so that clients always know which broadcast licenses are coming up for renewal and when. As soon as a client sends a request to you to renew a license, you’ll get a system email from us and the request will also appear to you in your messages asking you to quote on that license renewal. Your experience from there will be identical to that of quoting for an additional payment with all quoting and editing of the quote built right into the messaging hub.

Keep in mind that not all broadcast licenses will need renewing – it will depend on the needs of the particular client and whether they need to continue to use the work.

Talent have no action to take around renewing licenses other than simply quoting when the client requests a renewal from you. 

Clients have the ability to renew licenses from their past jobs (going back to 2019) and for any jobs going forward. The License Management Center in client accounts lays out all of the licenses clients currently have or have had and their respective expiry dates. Clients also receive an email notification 30 days before a license is due to renew with a reminder the day before.

If a Client Edits the Job

Clients can edit multiple fields on the job form, including language, accent, voice gender, voice age, and/or category. When this happens, the job details are duplicated and the original job is canceled. This means that the new job posting requires new talent responses.

Clients can also edit things like the script, budget, and word count/finished minutes. When this happens, the job details will be updated and any talent who has already responded to the job will be notified.

How You’ll Be Notified if a Job Posting You’ve Responded to Has Changed

You’ll automatically be notified via email if a job you were privately invited to and/or responded to has changed. The email shows the changes that were made and asks you to edit your response if needed. Editing the response may be a good idea if the role/style has changed or if any other details have been altered that mean your first audition may no longer be the best fit for what’s being asked. Use your best judgment when deciding whether to submit a new response.


Why Create a Package

Packages give clients the opportunity to browse and buy directly from you. For clients, this will eliminate uncertainty, give them the option to hire instantly, and give them pricing transparency. Buying a package also eliminates the back and forth process involved in fielding responses.

For you as a talent, creating packages gives you another great way of earning money on Voices.

When you create a package you:

  • Control the scope of work
  • Get hired without the back and forth of auditions and responding to jobs
  • Create the package once and have clients come to you
  • Create packages for the things you love to do and sell what you do best
  • Customize tiers within your packages to allow for pricing flexibility

Getting Started

You can post an unlimited number of unique, feature-rich packages listings at any one time.


1. Under the Me dropdown, go to Manage Packages.

2. Click on the Create Package button at the top-right of the page.

3. Start with the Package Overview by choosing your Category.

4. Fill in a strong title that clearly describes what the client will get from your package. We’ve provided some examples of strong titles right in the platform to help guide you. Keep in mind the maximum character count of 75 characters.

5. Fill in any other relevant details like language and accent, etc.

For more detailed information on creating packages, check out the full How To Guide for Creating Packages.


Getting Paid, Guaranteed

SurePay™ Secure Payment

Work with peace of mind on Voices. When you’re hired, Voices’ SurePay™ system takes client funds and holds them securely while you work. 

Clients can manually release your funds to you after the work is done, but if they don’t, your funds are automatically released to you 14 days from the Agreement’s Delivery Date and paid out to you the following Friday via PayPal. Funds released between Saturday and Friday will be paid out the following Friday. 

Voices covers all transaction fees associated with PayPal, so you get your funds as quickly and as easily as possible.

Payments List

See the list of your payments that have been completed at Voices. Search previous payments and click into payment details for more information. You’ll see four sections in the top navigation:

Deposit Received means the client has paid to hire you and that payment is being held securely by Voices. It will be released to you once your client has received the completed work.

Processing Payment means that your payment is in the process of being released to you.

Paid Out are payments that Voices has released to you.

All Payments is a summary of all of these transactions in one spot.

Payment Status

The three statuses you will see are Deposit Received, which means the client payment is being held securely while you work on the project, Processing Payment, which means your payment is in the process of being released to you, and Paid Out, which means the payment for that project has been released to you.

Handling Additional Payments

While working a job, it may be necessary for the client to pay you more than what was previously outlined in the Agreement. If that’s the case, you can use the Request Additional Payment button in Messages. Once you click this button the experience will mirror what you’re used to with the audition and quote experience and you’ll see the standard payment calculator.

How do you view payments made to you? Easy! ​​Click on ‘Payments’ to view all payments. On the Payments screen, you’ll see a list of your payments with information such as the job the payment was for, the date you received the payment and the amount.

Communicating With Clients

Manage all incoming and outgoing messages, including system messages from Voices and individual conversations with clients.


Messages from clients and Voices Account Manager (who are managing jobs on behalf of clients) will appear in your inbox. Clients can send messages to you to start the exchange, at which point you can send them a reply, communicating about the project as needed. 

For your safety and security, it’s important all communication and file uploads are done through Voices. By keeping all messaging and file uploads on Voices it ensures we have a complete record of the work being asked of you and your delivery of the work. This enables us to ensure you’re paid for the work you complete. 

Taking jobs off of the Voices platform to circumvent the SurePay system is against our Terms of Service. By working on the Voices platform you agree to the Terms of Service. If you ever have any questions about what is or isn’t allowed on the Voices platform, please reach out! We’re happy to help. 


Review messages you have sent to clients. You also have the ability to:

  • Show messages from a certain client through the ‘Show Name’ filter.
  • See messages from certain date ranges or see only unread messages through the ‘Date’ filter
  • Sort messages from newest – oldest or oldest – newest with the ‘Sort’ filter

Message Details

View the contents of a conversation in a message’s details. All messages have timestamps and read receipts.

Tweaking Your Settings

Your Account Settings houses information about you. None of the information you add here is displayed publicly. Your information is only accessed by authorized system administrators and support representatives to help answer questions regarding your account. More specifically, we use this information to communicate with you.

Your Account Settings also house your preferences on how you’d like Voices to interact with you. Your information and preferences are only used to curate your ideal experience on Voices so you can benefit from personalized service from us.

Let’s review each tab.

Your next step: Hover over your Me icon in the top right corner of your profile. Select Account Settings from the drop down menu.

Account Settings

Contact Information

The following information is not displayed publicly.

Email Address – Change the email address associated with your account at Voices here.

Phone Number – Adding your phone number allows the Voices team to connect quickly with you for special request jobs.

Company Name – Enter the name of your small business, or your first and last name.

Mailing Address – Your mailing address is required for billing and payment purposes.

Vacation Status

Everyone needs some time off! Enter the dates you’ll be unavailable. These dates will be shown to clients on your profile. You’ll still get notifications for jobs (but you can easily change this by scrolling to Email Settings).

Time Zone

Pick your time zone so that clients know if you’re ready to work. This is used to update deadlines and messages to match your local time.

Email Settings

Email Formatting

Choose the kind of email you’d like to receive from our team: 

  • plain text with no graphics
  • or HTML with graphics and colour

Email Notifications

News, Events, Offers: You’ve automatically opted in to our emails at sign up. You can opt out of receiving news, events, and offers from Voices by de-selecting “Yes, please keep me updated about Voices news, events, and offers.”

Quick tip: Keep these emails to ensure you receive:

  • help from us about how to be successful with your membership
  • reminders about your upcoming renewal if you’re a subscribed member

Job Notifications

To receive email notifications about new jobs you’ve been matched to, you must have “Yes, send me notifications related to jobs that I have replied to or have been awarded” turned on. By default, this is turned on for everyone so you don’t miss that next opportunity to wow a client and book work. 

Job notifications include:

  • job invitations
  • job status updates
  • client messages
  • payment information

You can customize which types of job invitations you would like to receive notifications for. We have two types of job invitations:

  1. Public invitations – Jobs automatically matched to our subscribed members. (See more about these under Replying to Jobs/Public Invites.)
  2. Private invitations – Jobs where the client has personally selected you to respond. (See more about these under Replying to Jobs/Private Invites.)

Additionally, you can choose the budgets you’d like to receive email notifications for. If you change this from the minimums, you’ll continue to see jobs at every budget in your Hiring inbox. You’ll just only get email notifications for jobs at/above your stated budget.

Quick tip: Keep Private invitations turned on. You want to respond to those jobs quickly because you were handpicked by the client to respond to their project. 

Connected Services

Instead of entering your email and password to create an account, social sign-on (SSO) allows you to use your Google information to sign up for a Voices account. SSO also allows you to log into your existing Voices account simply by selecting “Sign in with Google” on the login screen instead of entering your username and password. 

Turn on SSO by selecting Sign In With Google.

Read more about SSO, here: Social Sign On FAQ.

Additional Options

Requesting your Voices Information

At all times, you have the right to ask for access to the information in your file and request that we update your file for accuracy or correct any errors. You can update your information here in your Settings or contact us at [email protected] for any further help.

Closing your Voices Account

Turns out Voices isn’t right for you? Not a problem. You can request to close your Voices account by selecting Close Account. 

Your next steps: Set up your preferences under Settings/Account. Click Save Changes when you’re happy with it.



Paid via PayPal is on by default because it’s the fastest way for us to pay you. 

Quick tip: Sign up for a free PayPal account because Voices covers all transaction fees associated with PayPal. Our way of helping you keep more of the money you make on Voices. Check out this FAQ for more information on creating a PayPal account. 

Your next steps: Enter your PayPal email address under ‘PayPal Email Address’ so we know where to send your funds and you can start receiving payments right away.


Shows your current plan. 

If you’re a subscribed member you’ll also find your:

  • Renewal date 
  • Renewal amount 
  • Payment Information
  • Cancel membership button

Cancel Membership

We understand that sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, and sometimes situations change and you’re not able to respond to jobs on Voices anymore—that’s okay. We’ve made it easy to cancel your membership. Select ‘Cancel Membership’ and follow the on-screen prompts.

You’ll receive a confirmation email that your membership cancellation request was received and a member of our team will follow up with you to confirm your membership renewal has been stopped.

Check out this FAQ for more information.

Billing History

A list of all your (membership) payments to Voices. Great to refer back to at tax time as many of our talent members write off their membership fee as a business expense. 

Need to find your membership purchase receipt? Easily done! 

If you purchased your membership over the phone, by credit card, or by Paypal, you will have received your receipt by email for your records at the time of purchase.

To access a copy of your receipt from within your Voices account, follow these steps:

  1. Hover over your Me avatar in the top right corner. Select Account Settings then Billing History.
  2. Click View to see the details of a specific payment. From here, you have the option of printing.

Change Password

You can make changes to your password in this area of your account. Simply enter a new password, confirm and hit save.

Your password must be at least 8 characters in length and must include one upper case, one lower case, one numeric, and one special character.

Mobile App

Primarily for our subscribed (Premium) talent the Voices Mobile companion app helps you stay on top of your jobs while on the go.

What can you do on the app?

  • See job opportunities
  • Narrow down your job opportunities with ‘Save for Later’ and ‘Archive’ features
  • Accept Job Agreements
  • Upload files to working jobs
  • Send messages 
  • Check on your payments to see when you’ll be paid

More information can be found here.

Trust Center

We’re building the largest community of creative talent in the world, starting with our Trust Center. Here, you can see how we’re facilitating connections for work while keeping you safe and secure online. Visit the Voices Trust Center.

Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is fundamental to the way we conduct business at Voices. Link to Voices Privacy Policy.

Community Guidelines

Voices members are expected to follow these guidelines that help keep our community a respectful and uplifting place. We are all a part of creating that environment.  Link to Voices Community Guidelines.

Terms of Service

By working on the Voices platform you agree to the Voices Terms of Service. Link to Voices Terms of Service.

Resources and Customer Support

Sometimes you need to talk to a real person and sometimes you might prefer to find the answer on your own. That’s why we’ve got resources for both.

Our Customer Support team is available to you Monday to Friday 8am ET- 8pm ET. You can easily get us on the phone by calling our toll free number: 1-888-349-3472 or sending us an email. You’ll see a reply to your email within 24 hours on weekdays and the following Monday after a weekend. 

Prefer to find the answer on your own? No problem. We’ve got:

  1. Help Center
  2. Resources Library
  3. Voices Lessons
  4. Blog,
  5. Podcasts
  6. YouTube channel
  7. Community Forum
  8. Webinars

Our Help Center, Resources Library and Voices Lessons are great for explaining what features we have and how to use them.

Our Blog, Podcasts and especially our YouTube channel and Community Forum go into detail about key strategies you can use to be successful. We also provide in-depth tutorials to help you up your craft so you see success on Voices and everywhere else you get work.

Our Webinars are a combination of Voices-led how-to help and performance/technical help led by expert voice over coaches.

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