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    All About Elearning Narration

    Keeping a learner’s attention isn’t always an easy task, but choosing the right voice over to complement your elearning material can go a long way in keeping your audience from tuning out over time. When you need an elearning narrator to breathe life into your elearning modules, corporate training programs, or elearning videos, our professional voice actors can give you the engaging sound you’re looking for.

    Much like a documentary narrator, an elearning narrator gives meaning and context to visual content through voice over. An elearning narrator can be tasked with providing step by step instructions in an elearning training program, providing a set of audio instructions for tests, or even taking learners through a chapter in a textbook. If there is a need for an auditory learning component for your material, a professional elearning narrator is the right person for the job.

    What is elearning narration?

    In many cases, elearning material is long form and contains complex material, which can be challenging for learners to absorb. Researchers have found that by pairing visual and auditory content together, learners are able to grasp the material more quickly and fully than through singular teaching methods. For context, consider how students behave in a traditional classroom setting. When the teacher is reading directly from a page in their hand, students are more likely to tune out and not retain the information. But, when a slidedeck is shown and the presentation turns more conversational, students are found to listen more intently and become more active learners. The same can be said for elearning narration and elearning content. When more than one sense is engaged, long form and complex material become less of a challenge and more of an opportunity for educators and learners of all types.

    How to select an elearning narrator

    When selecting a voice actor for your elearning narration project, it is important to consider your audience or target demographic. Not only do students learn best from someone who sounds confident and authoritative, but they also learn best from voices who sound like their peers. Learners are more likely to bond with someone who sounds relatable — whether that’s through a similar age range, gender, accent, or other vocal attributes — which is important when consuming long form or complex material. No matter what vocal attributes you’re in search of, you can find the perfect elearning narrator voice over for your target audience quickly and easily on Voices.

    You’ll also want to consider how your elearning narrator fits the project itself. If your elearning content spans over the course of a few hours, an announcer type of voice is likely not what you’re looking for. Instead, consider a warmer, more authentic and conversational voice to suit your elearning project. When listening to an elearning narrator’s demo, you’ll want to keep a keen ear on the voice actor’s ability to modulate while also enunciating the worlds clearly and correctly. Modulation is the ability to control or adjust your voice, by going louder or softer, faster or slower, or altering your emotion to fit the tone. This variation, rather than a monotonous tone, will help create a more engaging learning experience that keeps your learners tuned in.

    Voices makes hiring quality elearning narrators easy

    No matter what sound you’re looking for, you can find the perfect elearning narrator voice over for your learning audience quickly and easily on Voices. With access to a rich pool of talented voice actors who have handled over 45,000 jobs worldwide, you’re bound to find the right narrator to suit your project’s needs.