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Voices Is Your Source for Telephone Voice Over Jobs

Telephone voice over jobs involve recording messages that will play when people call into a company’s interactive voice response (IVR) phone system. Messages can greet or welcome callers, provide topical information on things like an event, and send callers in the right direction in a call tree. As a telephone voice actor, you can read a script and record your voice for businesses.

Any business that uses an automated telephone line needs voice actors. Whether a business is adding a telephone line or wants to update a message, they need a voice over recording.

Telephone voice over jobs allow voice actors to help companies of all sizes provide their customers with a branded experience, helping to foster customer loyalty and awareness of a company’s sonic branding. Sign up for Voices today to find your next telephone voice over job.

Skills You Need for Telephone Voice Over Jobs

While telephone voice over jobs may seem straightforward, they require a voice actor to succinctly convey important information while remaining professional and true to a brand. Often things like gender, age, accent, and style are considered when a company is casting a voice actor for their IVR system, as it’s often important to companies for the voice actor to accurately reflect their target audience.

Beyond being the right match for the job, telephone voice actors may require the following skills:

  • Good articulation and vocal consistency
  • A professional, and often conversational, read
  • The ability to switch their vocal approach depending on the portion of the script being read

Telephone Voice Acting Challenges to Consider

Before you start finding telephone voice actor jobs, there are challenges to the jobs that you may want to consider. Being consistent can be difficult, especially when recording many shorter messages. Consistency can also be hard to maintain for a longer message.

Pronouncing names correctly can also take practice for voice actors. Make sure you know how to pronounce things before you start your recording.

Who Is Hiring Telephone Voice Over Actors?

Telephone voice acting jobs can really come from any industry, making them quite exciting. Any business that has an automated phone line needs a voice recording. It goes without saying then, that these businesses can vary in size, location, and industry. Because of that, you can find work from clients you love.

A company may also hire a telephone voice actor to test drive that actor’s voice. If a company likes your work, you can start to build a long-term relationship with them.

Why Work on Voices

Voices is a great source for finding telephone voice over jobs, whether you’re just starting out as a voice actor or you already have an established voice over career. And starting with telephone voice over jobs allows you to practice speaking in many different brand voices, build client relationships, expand your income opportunities, and improve your voice acting skills. Get started today on Voices by signing up for a free account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telephone voice over jobs offer an opportunity for a voice actor to become the voice of a brand. The jobs can range from an IVR system, voicemail greetings, auto attendants, on-hold marketing, and more. 

Telephone voice over jobs are relatively easy jobs, considering they aren’t too lengthy. A typical phone system script will be 250-500 words. That said, there are jobs that are more complicated, like large telephone trees. 

When voicing an IVR system or telephone tree, some of the challenges include pronunciation of names, recording many prompts and short statements, and maintaining a consistent delivery throughout different recordings.