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Voices is Your Source for TV Commercial Voice Over Jobs

There’s no bigger thrill for a voice actor than hearing your own voice on television. When it comes to advertising campaigns, TV still reigns supreme. In fact, television is the second most profitable advertising medium, accounting for a quarter of all media ad revenue in the United States.

There are plenty of voice over opportunities for television commercials these days with gigs for every kind of business. From mom and pop operations to top-selling international brands, companies know that television is one of the best ways to communicate with consumers.

With so many available opportunities, voice actors will never find themselves at a loss for new and exciting work. You can get started finding the right television voice over jobs to fit your skill set by signing up for Voices today!

What Does Television Commercial Voice Acting Entail?

In most cases, television commercial voice acting is used to promote a product or service to consumers. Commercials can range from small public access campaigns for local dealerships to multi-national coverage.

Most voice acting jobs involve narrating from a pre-written script. In general, companies will choose talent that speaks to their users or target audience. A company that sells clothing for young women, for example, is unlikely to choose a deep, masculine voice for its commercial. Some local businesses may opt for voice actors who are able to master regional accents to better connect with their viewers, otherwise known as localization.

What Are the Skills Required for a TV Ad Voice Over Job?

The key to becoming a successful TV commercial voice actor is versatility. With so many different television voice over jobs available, you need to be able to set yourself apart from the competition. Voice actors who are just as comfortable reading a humorous sketch as they are a serious script are more likely to find work than someone with a more limited range.

Who is Hiring TV Voice Actors?

Almost every industry relies on voice actors for attention-grabbing ad content. Ads are a huge money-maker for businesses, with U.S. ad revenue alone expected to reach around 242 billion USD by the end of 2021. From retail and hospitality to manufacturing, you can find a wide range of different television voice over jobs. TV advertising isn’t limited to large corporations, either. Many smaller businesses also run both local and national campaigns using professional voice talent.

Why Work With Voices?

Voices connects professional talent with brands looking for voice over actors. You can find openings from some of the world’s biggest brands, all in one convenient location. There are plenty of reasons that actors flock to Voices looking for exciting new opportunities to expand their resume and build their reputation.

Find Work on Demand

Voices allows brands to post television voice over jobs and seek out talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace. As a voice actor, it offers a one-stop-shop for commercial voice acting opportunities that could be your next big break. Voices gives you the flexibility to find work within your niche.

Develop a Portfolio

Voices makes it easy for you to create a professional portfolio detailing your professional skill set. You can show potential employers why you’re the best talent for the job by adding demos to your page.

Find Opportunities Worldwide

Brands from across the globe come to Voices looking for voice over talent. You won’t necessarily be limited to local opportunities. Instead, you’ll have a wider job pool to pull from, and you’ll have a more diverse audience hearing your work.

Diversify Your Income Stream

It’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket, especially in a creative field like voice acting. The most successful voice actors accept a wide range of different voice over opportunities. Voices offers an easy way to diversify not only your portfolio but also your income stream so that you can have confidence in your career. Sign up for a free account today to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most North American broadcasters allow advertisers to choose between producing 15, 30, and 60-second commercials. 

The fee for television broadcast jobs depends on usage, the market it will air in, and the duration the advertisement will air for. A short, local television advertisement job could pay from $500 to $750, while a national advertisement that specifies that it will retain the rights for the advertisement in perpetuity can pay up to $7,499. 

Television advertisements can air in local, regional, or national markets. 

Broadcast programs are transmitted on public airwaves, which means that the programs are free for the consumer. Broadcast stations, such as CBS, ABC, or NBC, are the most common form of television. Cable television charges subscription fees and is not transmitted on public airwaves. 

Learn more about industry terms with the Voices Glossary.

When clients are evaluating voice actors for commercials, they look for a certain demographic, particular voice over qualities, and a voice that stands out in auditions.