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    All About Impressions Voices

    Impressions are an imitation of a person, character, or sound, usually done for entertainment purposes. Impressions encompass all natural, historical, and created or synthetic sounds, ranging from the sound of water bubbling, and animal noises, to the voice of a cartoon character, to the voice of a politician.

    How to describe the impressions you’re looking for

    Once you have determined the subject for your impression, it is best to break down the traits of what your subject has. For example, an impression of a politician may differ based on various traits, such as the sex, accent, dialect, pitch, and speed of the speaker. If you have a specific person in mind, you should observe the syntaxes and small details of that person’s speech pattern.

    Studying the behavior and mannerisms of the person you are looking for an impression of can help you find the best-suited voice actor for the role. If the person you are seeking an impression of has any distinctive vocal characteristics such as a hoarse throat, a speech impediment, or a soft or booming voice, look for voices with those qualities. Identifying other character traits such as a character’s penchant to be grandiose, reserved, happy, have a negative affect, or being jumpy; or calm can help you better find the character not just in behavior but attitude.

    Watching videos or listening to sound clips of the object, creature, or individual you are doing an impression of can serve as both a guide on how to describe the object’s qualities in your desired impression, and also serve as a baseline to compare performances, too.