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Voices is Your Source for Animation Voice Over Jobs

Animation isn’t just about visuals. It also requires a fantastic voice over. From Robin Williams as the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin to Tom Hanks as Woody in Toy Story, there are many famous cases of an actor’s voice truly bringing a character to life.

If you’re looking for animation voice over jobs, Voices is the place to go. We work with voice over actors across various fields, from video games to cartoons, advertisements, digital marketing materials, and more.

Voices is a purpose-built marketplace for voice over professionals, which intelligently matches creative teams looking for professionals with the right talent. When you sign up for Voices, you will have access to jobs worldwide, allowing you to unlock new income opportunities.

Skills Needed for Animation Voice Over Jobs

To be a successful animation voice over actor, you need to have a versatile voice that can fit many characters. You should be prepared to adapt to different directives and styles as required.

While a one-of-a-kind voice can offer a competitive advantage, the ability to pivot your performance based on a client’s need is priceless. Can you laugh or cry on cue? If not, start working to perfect those skills now!

To support your success in the animation industry, you should also possess these skills:

  • The ability to take direction
  • Work well with others
  • Display enthusiasm and a dedicated drive for quality work
  • Possess attention to detail (e.g., tone, rate of speech, use of grammar and language, pitch, etc.)

You can prepare for a wide variety of jobs and employers by practicing your vocal delivery. Practice reading for animation projects as well as for commercial reads, which enhance the art of selling. You should also practice long-form narration, which can help you hone your stylistic storytelling and increase your stamina.

The Latest in the Animation Industry: What’s Special About Animation Jobs?

Like many industries, the animation field is changing. It used to be that animation talent had to be on-site to get the job done. Now, you can more easily do the work remotely.

This means you have more opportunities than ever before to get animation voice over jobs wherever you live—you don’t have to move to Los Angeles or New York. You can make a living as an independent voice over talent by joining a platform like Voices.

Additionally, more industries than ever before are seeking voice over talent, realizing that it’s more cost efficient to create animations than work with in-person actors and production studios.

Who Hires Animation Voice Over Talent?

Some people assume that animation voice acting is a super small niche that’s only in-demand among big name cartoon studios. However, animation voice over jobs are available across various industries, including advertising, marketing, and more. Companies use animation in explainer videos, training content, and advertisements.

Video game studios are another great employer of voice over talent. Some video games can carry on for many iterations, meaning you can enjoy a long-standing and potentially lucrative career once you get your foot in the door.

Let Voices Launch Your Animation Voice Over Career

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Voices will help you diversify your income streams while keeping all of your work organized in a single platform. As your reputation and your earnings grow, more opportunities should open up to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Develop skills in several areas of voice acting to find your niche and then practice scripts in the animation niche you’d like to work in. Sign up on websites like Voices, get an agent, and work towards building an animation client base. 

If you’re providing voice over for cartoons and animation, the industry rates generally range from $100 for a short, 15-second animation, all the way up to $10,000 for the starring role in an animated short. 

Voice actors working on an animation project are supplied with a script and they perform based on that script. The animation happens after the script is recorded. 

While every animation project is different, clients are often looking for a voice actor that has enthusiasm for the project, owns the content, and is a reliable production partner.