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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Movie trailers are typically created by movie trailer editors. These editors are given creative direction from the studios and will edit existing footage, paired with voice over and other effects to create a compelling trailer.

    Movie trailers were originally shown trailing, or following, the movie, which is how they got their name.

    A movie trailer is generally between 90 seconds and two minutes in length.

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    All About Movie Trailer Voices

    In a world where audiences are faced with more entertainment options than ever before, filmmakers and studios rely on movie trailers to reel in viewers. When it comes to hooking your audience and enticing them to buy a ticket at the box office or rent at home, sourcing the right style of voice over plays an important role in movie marketing — and that’s where we come in. Whether you’re teasing this summer’s biggest blockbuster, an adventure packed animated film for younger audiences, or an arthouse film intended for small release, these experienced movie trailer voice actors will surely fit the bill and deliver a read that will draw in your audience.

    What is movie trailer voice over?

    Movie trailers, or movie previews, are advertisements that use footage from a film paired with voice over to build a narrative that leaves viewers wanting more. Today, movie trailers run before the feature film plays in the theater, but this wasn’t always the case. The earliest movie trailers were created by theater owners and actually ‘trailed,’ or followed, the feature film to keep cliffhangers fresh in audiences’ minds and keep them coming back the following week. Once movie trailer production was centralized by movie studios, trailers moved to the preview position we know today, but retained their original name. Nowadays, filmmakers trust movie trailer voice actors to deliver a performance that sticks with the audience long after the credits roll.

    What is the typical length of movie trailers?

    Movie trailers often range from 90 seconds to two minutes in length, but they can also be as short as 15 seconds depending on their distribution, like in YouTube advertisements, for example. Typically, filmmakers or movie trailer editors choose key moments from various scenes to create a three act structure that builds anticipation. In this structure, the setting and characters are first established, followed by a building of the story in the middle, and then it’s the final hook — whether it’s a high stakes chase, a laugh out loud joke, or some other event that leaves more questions than answers — that really sells the movie. With so much content to fit into a trailer in such little time, voice over provides a layer of context that enhances the story.

    Though they may not be traditional Hollywood A listers, movie trailer voice actors play a large role in a film’s box office success. It takes a certain skill to cut through on screen action, dialogue, and booming sound effects to create a lasting impression that will have viewers reaching for their wallets once the movie hits the theaters.

    The global film market represents an enormous opportunity for filmmakers and studios. If you are considering releasing your film into international markets, consider using localized voice over to help market your film. Localizing your movie trailer script and using voice over in your audience’s native language can create an impression more memorable than subtitles. Reach your global audience with the help of our talented movie trailer voice actors located around the world and who speak over 100 languages and dialects.

    Movie trailer voice actors win over audiences with their balance of an authoritative and powerful yet engaging and relatable vocal style. Whether it’s a thriller, a rom com, or any other type of film, you can find exactly the style of movie trailer voice over you’re looking for at Voices. Simply browse by style, age, and even language or accent, to find the right voice over professional for your movie trailer.