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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Typically, the next step after scripting and storyboarding your animation is to hire and record voice over. Once the voice over is completed, then the animation will be developed to follow the timing and pattern of the voice over. In some cases, the voice over may be dubbed or overlaid on an existing animation.

    The first step is to provide artistic direction in your job posting. This includes who the character is, their attributes, who they are talking to, what the message is, who the audience is, and where the voice over will be heard. With those parameters set, the next step is to listen to the auditions. You’ll want to ensure the vocal qualities you hear in the audition match what was asked in your job posting and that the voice actor’s interpretation fits in with your expectations for your animation project. Once you’ve narrowed this down, the final step is to hire your voice actor.

    Once the final files are delivered by the voice talent in your preferred file format, they are ready to be imported into your project. The workflow for adding voice over will depend on the animation software used.

    When you want your cartoon to gain fans and last for decades, start by creating believable characters who adapt to the world around them, and who resonate with your audience. Some of the most successful and longest-running cartoons change with the times. The characters age and grow in the same ways their audience does, and they have the right voice aligned with the right characters. Learn more about creating a long-lasting cartoon with impactful cartoon voice over.

    Find the right cartoon voice for the job by gathering many voice over auditions, so you can hear a variety of interpretations. As a general rule, you’ll get the best quality auditions back if you can describe how the character looks, as well as key points like a storyline, or storyboard of the character’s motivations. These details help your voice actor to bring the character to life through their voice acting. Once you hear the voice that matches your vision, you can feel confident you found the right cartoon voice.

    The cost to produce a cartoon can vary from $1000 to a $100,000 and up. However you can set yourself up for success and meeting your target budget by planning early. This includes brainstorming your storyboard and concept as well as creating your budget. You can use this animation budget template to help you get started.

    Animated cartoons come in many different types including, but not limited to:
    1. Old/Classic (e.g. Mickey Mouse)
    2. Modern (e.g. Care Bears)
    3. Realistic (e.g. Toy Story 4)
    4. Japanese/Anime (e.g. Power Puff Girls Z)
    5. Minimalist (e.g. Charlie Brown)

    Cost can range from $100 to several thousand dollars. The end cost depends on how many words are in your script, how many finished minutes you need to produce, whether the voice actor is famous, and where the cartoon will be shown. Plus, different voice over rates apply for broadcast versus non-broadcast uses too.

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    All About Animation Voice Acting

    Producing an animation isn’t only about the stunning visuals. When it comes to creating an animation that draws your audience in, sourcing the right voice over plays an important role in the creative process.

    Whether you’re creating an e-learning module, a tv spot, cartoon, or any other animated project, these experienced animation voice actors can help bring another dimension to your project and help bring your message to life.

    The animation voice over industry

    The global animation industry is valued at over $260 billion and its value is rising every year. As smartphone and tablet use and the popularity of video streaming continues to climb worldwide, consumers are seeking out more animated content than ever before.

    Year after year, streaming continues to be the fastest growing distribution channel for animation and this trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

    With flexibility and versatility at its core, animation is a popular choice for storytellers — and the same can be said about voice over. When choosing the type of animation voice over for your project, the possibilities are endless. Animation voice actors provide voice overs for everything from the more traditional use cases such as cartoon characters, video game characters, or animated characters in film, to online uses including explainer video narration, company videos, elearning, and everything in between.

    Animation voice actors tell a story

    Storytellers and creative professionals recognize animation as one of the easiest visual mediums to work with to reach global audiences. A single animation can be packaged to create content for online video advertising, social media, commercials, trade shows, and more.

    Paired with voice over, these animations can be tailored to international markets through translation, localization, and dubbing. Our experienced animation voice actors are located around the world and can speak over 100 languages and dialects, delivering a professional and authentic read for your animation voice over project.

    How to hire animation voice actors

    When it comes time to hire for animation voice over, Voices allows you to browse voice actors not only by category, but also by language, accent, style, role, age, or any combination. Finding the perfect voice for your animation is easy, and the custom auditions for your project come straight to you.

    No matter the type of animation project you are hiring for, keep in mind these tips to help make the audition process smoother for everyone involved. The first tip is to determine whether your character is gender specific.

    When it comes to creatures like goblins or inanimate objects like paper clips, or even the narrator in an elearning module, these characters are not always gender specific. Ensure you have a clear vision when it comes to the sound of your character, and if you are undecided, select both genders in your job posting to keep your options open and compare.

    Alongside gender, you will also want to consider the age range of your character when it comes to hiring your animation voice actor. For example, an old and withered wizard will sound much different than a spry wizard fresh out of boarding school. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want your character to sound like, listen to demos on Voices talent profiles to help get a sense of what you’re looking for.

    Creative professionals who use Voices to source voice over for animation often select one of these top vocal styles: enthusiastic, personable, authentic, animated, or cartoon. Take a listen to our voice actors’ demos to find the right style for your animation project.