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Voices is Your Source for eLearning Voice Over Jobs

Are you a natural at teaching others? Can you express excitement while teaching and hook students with your performances? With the eLearning voice over jobs available on Voices, you can help teach in both the public and private sectors. You might be the voice of educational recruitment campaigns, help protect workers by voicing training materials, train employees in new technologies, and more. Find your next eLearning job by signing up for a Voices account today.

What Does eLearning Voice Acting Entail?

eLearning voice over jobs require speaking clearly and with authority while discussing various topics, and should sound like a subject matter expert. However, the most crucial part of this job is using your voice to focus audiences’ attention on the most important parts of your material. An eLearning voice actor should leave a lasting impression and be able to connect with learners.

What Are the Skills Required for an eLearning Voice Over Job?

While the skills for eLearning jobs mostly match those for other types of voice acting, several skills stand out as particularly valuable.

  • Connecting to Audiences: eLearning works best when voice actors sound like the audience. This means adjusting things like slang, intonation, and dialect to make listeners feel comfortable while you convey information to them
  • Familiarity with Different Subjects: Nobody expects you to be a master of every subject, but a widespread familiarity of different topics can help you determine where to place the emphasis when reading your script
  • Distinctiveness: Creating a distinctive, memorable voice for educational materials (while still connecting to the audiences) is useful. These jobs include things that people should remember for as long as possible, and connecting an instantly recognizable voice to the subject helps
  • Reliability: Many customers prefer hiring the same voice actor repeatedly, so people associate that voice with their training material. A strong work ethic and the ability to provide reliable voice acting over time are vital to success in this field
  • Time Management: Finally, time management skills are essential. This includes more than just recording things and submitting them on time. It also means planning ahead to deal with revision requests and solving any problems that may come up during the recording process

Who is Hiring eLearning Voice Actors?

Public and private entities across the country want to make use of educational voice overs. You could spend one day working with a government agency to provide clear safety guidelines tailored to specific job sites, and the next working with a world-famous company to convert safety guidelines and policies to audio format.

Other companies who look for voice actors who specialize in eLearning narration include textbook publishers, private schools, testing agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

What’s Going on in the eLearning Industry?

The eLearning industry is changing faster than ever. Working remotely has become the new normal for many people, and as part of that, companies and government agencies are relying more on audio than ever before. Educators are looking to use professional-quality content in their classrooms, and companies are redoing their internal training programs to address things like remote work and increased health and safety guidelines.

What’s Special About eLearning Jobs?

Working on eLearning jobs can be rewarding, not to mention educational.

One enticing aspect of eLearning jobs is that there’s always a demand for these services. Public and private entities are constantly finding new ways to train employees, educate stakeholders, and otherwise use audio to convey information. Plus, content that has already been recorded often needs to be updated, creating a steady stream of eLearning narration work. That’s not likely to disappear anytime soon, so eLearning jobs offer a level of consistency that some other types of voice acting work can’t match.

The second factor is that eLearning jobs are a great way to help other people while getting paid. Whether you’re explaining laboratory safety guidelines for handling dangerous chemicals or teaching skills for helping the environment, every eLearning voice acting job helps make the world safer and better. There’s a reason job satisfaction in this field is so high!

Why It’s Smart to Use Voices for Your Voice Over Career

Voices is your source for finding jobs as an eLearning voice actor. By providing eLearning services, you can branch out, expand your income opportunities, and continue developing the skills you need for other parts of your career. Get started now by signing up for a free account and see how Voices can open new doors for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, educational voice over work is part of the elearning industry. The elearning industry encompasses everything from independent courses that may be offered through educational institutions or even online modules that can be used for internal training purposes.

While it varies from project to project, many clients producing educational videos are looking for a voice that sounds like a peer, a voice that sounds natural, and a voice that creates a connection. 

Educational voice over can be used in learning courses for small and medium business, larger enterprises, or for educational institutions. These can take the form of explainer videos,  educational games, online modules, and more. 

Including both visuals and narration when creating training content helps set up all learners for success. And providing a human voice over in training content is shown to increase learner retention. 

Training and elearning content is one of the fastest growing sectors of voice work. The international e-learning market is set to be valued at around $USD 275 billion by 2022.