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Compare Memberships

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Being Discovered
Create a profile
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Getting Paid
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Resolve unforeseen disputes
Achieving More
Use the mobile app
Track your success with statistics
Receive priority customer support
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$499 / Year
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“I do it all on the site. TV, radio, web, explainer - there are too many to list! Voices has something for everyone.”

Jamie Hill
Jamie Hill

“More and more, I'm hearing Voices talent on the radio and tv, on major networks and popular stations.”

Lisa Luck
Lisa Luck

“From job postings to landing a gig, to the communication and finally payment, the process is straightforward.”

Shane Morris
Shane Morris

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what you’re looking for. A Guest membership gives you the ability to create a profile, upload unlimited demos and portfolio samples, and get privately invited to jobs; however, to have job opportunities matched with your profile and to reply to those jobs, a Premium membership is required.

 Upgrading to a Premium membership allows your profile to be automatically matched with jobs that you can audition for. You will also have the ability to post your project listings on the Project Marketplace.

The majority of our talent who upgrade from Guest to Premium do so because they want to audition for jobs.

Premium talent will be automatically matched to jobs that are suited for them and invited to audition. This dramatically increases your chance of being hired. Guest members can be privately invited to jobs but not matched and invited through Voices VoiceMatch.

You will also be able to track your statistics, receive priority support and unlock other benefits with a Premium membership. We encourage you to review all of the membership options and see which is best for you and your career on Voices.

Within voice over there are different categories you can offer:

To learn how to get started, check out our How it Works page.

Voice acting salaries can vary widely depending on the person, scope of work, usage, time and other factors. On Voices, we want to see you be successful and earn the wages you are looking for. For an example of how much you can expect per job, we encourage you to review our rate guide. 

Some success factors that will impact your pay are:

  • The type of work: broadcast work typically earns more than non-broadcast
  • The market: where your work will be used will change the cost. For example, a local radio spot will start around $250 but a national radio spot could be as much as $1,499.
  • Set your salary according to your level of skill. Beginners will charge less so they can build up a portfolio whereas a long-time professional can charge more. 

Check out some of our talent success stories to see how others have done it.To learn more about how much you can make as a voice actor, read chapter 12 of the beginners guide to voice acting.

Top Talent status is achieved by completing 100 jobs on the Voices platform, with 10 jobs booked in the last 12 months, and an overall 4-star rating. Once the status is granted, a purple Top Talent icon appears on the talent's profile, projects, and in Search. Clients are also able to filter by Top Talent in Search. Top Talent status also comes with other perks like higher visibility homepage placement.

More information on Top Talent status is here: https://www.voices.com/talent/memberships/top-talent-status