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Voices Is Your Source for Sound Design Jobs

Finding sound design gigs isn’t easy, but it can be more accessible thanks to Voices. Voices helps match those looking for voice over work, music, translation services, and audio production with experienced sound designers for any project. Sound design jobs and audio production jobs can be challenging to find, but Voices streamlines the process for everyone involved.

Who Is Hiring Sound Designers?

Popular sound design jobs include working in theaters for plays and musicals, movies, and video games. Sound designers are needed for projects that include sound recording and reproduction, and audio post-production.

Why Use Voices for Sound Design Jobs?

Voices is a platform that connects recognizable brands with newfound sound design talent, so you can build a portfolio while working for some of the most reliable brands in the sound industry.

Those looking for sound design services can benefit as much as the talent providing the service. Voices makes connecting easy, so sound design jobs are fulfilled on time by some of the best, most creative talent in the sound design sphere.

Reputable brands and companies will add postings on Voices, so any sound designer on the platform can find reliable work and clients who deliver on their promises. You can find sound design jobs working on digital productions of all types.

The Sound Design Industry

Theaters will hire sound designers to plan and provide sound effects for plays. Video game companies will also work with sound designers to add sound effects to their games. To work for gaming companies, sound designers usually need to know how to capture different sounds to use as sound effects.

Those who work in sound design jobs also need to know how to perform various actions to create sound effects that correspond with the visual elements during the post-production process. That's because today, the sound design industry allows those who work in audio production jobs to be more involved than ever. Sound designers are now contributing to the pre-production, editing, and post-production editing phases of projects. Those who work in sound design jobs are also being treated more like artists than technical gurus in today’s sound design industry.

Companies now realize how valuable sound designers are, how important their contributions are throughout the production process, and how their creativity can make or break the final version of projects.

With the increase of sound quality in TVs and speakers, and the addition of products like soundbars to people’s homes, companies are now emphasizing high-quality sound in their projects. Sound design jobs are vital to creating theater experiences at home, especially as more people stream videos, shows, movies, and video games.

The addition of virtual reality devices to our modern forms of entertainment has created more need for sound designers as well. Without sound designers, these projects would not be nearly as immersive and realistic. Sound design jobs are necessary to make virtual reality a possibility.

Video game companies are interested in the visual impact their games have on players and the stories they tell, as well as the aesthetics they create.

How to Find Sound Design Jobs

Finding sound design jobs is not always easy, and sound designers are not guaranteed to be hired for big projects from the get-go. Working with marketplaces like Voices can open up a whole world of opportunities to you for sound design and audio production jobs. Voices can help connect you with people who might not otherwise find your portfolio. Becoming a member can help you find sound design jobs with big companies, even as a newcomer.

A strong portfolio and profile on Voices can help you attract clients and book jobs. Whether you're an aspiring creative freelancer or already a professional, Voices offers a membership level that fits your needs.

Working on Voices can also help diversify your income streams, so you can take on multiple jobs at once without having to worry about trying to make ends meet or finding another job to supplement your income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although it depends on the project, most sound design jobs can be done anywhere thanks to modern technology. Some audio production jobs require working with a team to create the final product, but sound designers can usually work from home with their own equipment to get the job done.

There are education programs you can enrol in to learn the craft of sound design .If you’re an aspiring sound designer, you can go to audio recording school to learn how to use the software and equipment required to record sounds properly. In film school, you can learn more about the creative side of the production process or learn the technical side on your own.  If the formal education route is not for you, you can also learn by doing and get started by experimenting with making different sounds. Teaching yourself to listen closely to the world around you helps you recognize different sounds and what you can do with them.

Sound designers are artists who are put in charge of creating a production’s soundscape. They provide sound design and audio support to the interactive entertainment industry. In other words, they help create and edit the sounds that tell a story so that the audience understands things from the characters’ perspectives. 

Sound design jobs may take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the project's size and the number of people working on it.