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Voices is Your Source for Audio Mastering Jobs

If you're looking for high-quality audio mastering jobs, Voices has everything you need to help you take your career to the next level. We work with some of the biggest brands and companies who are working on world-class creative projects.

An audio mastering engineer is often the final person to work on an audio project before it is sent to a streaming service or made into its final product. Audio mastering is often the difference that makes a project sound professional, and not just decent. As an audio expert, you have the unique ability to hear things in an audio track that regular listeners may not pick up on.

What Does an Audio Mastering Expert Do?

There is a lot that goes into audio mastering, including finding the perfect volume for a project (and making sure it’s consistent), fixing balancing issues, and generally perfecting any final touches on an audio project. For music tracks in particular, a mastering engineer will trim the start and finish of the track, apply fade-ins and fade-outs, and even eliminate any sounds or gaps between audio tracks.

What Kind of Projects Does an Audio Mastering Expert Work On?

Someone with audio mastering skills can work as an audio director, a producer, an audio engineer, an audio technician, a broadcast/recording technician, a video content creator, a multimedia communication specialist, a sound designer, and more. It’s a versatile skill that lends itself to any project that incorporates audio—which is a growing list these days.

Landing Your Next Job

There is no shortage of fun and exciting companies to work for, including colleges and universities, recording studios, media outlets, film companies, modeling agencies, and more. Audio mastering is an in-demand skill.

What Kind of Software Should You Use?

Some of the more popular Audio Mastering Software and Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) that will offer quality at affordable rates are:

  • Pro Tools
  • Logic Pro
  • Cubase

These software choices are great for mixing, but for audio mastering specialists, you'll often need more features than these programs offer. Those listed below will do the trick:

  • Sequoia
  • WaveLab Pro
  • Pyramix
  • Saw Studio
  • Soundblade
  • Nuendo
  • Studio One Pro
  • Reaper
  • Sound Forge Pro
  • Acon Digital Acoustica Premium

Using our platform as a part of your journey to attaining the career of your dreams is convenient and strategic. You can pick up long-term or short-term jobs that will help create multiple streams of income, diversify your portfolio, and gain invaluable experience in the field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mastering engineer has the task of using his or her technical expertise to make the final refinements needed to adjust a recorded piece before its release. The engineer has to ensure that the tracks will sound good across multiple playback systems.  

Simply put, mastering a song refers to the preparation of an audio mix to be distributed. The audio mastering experts have to unify the sound and maintain consistency throughout the entire album during this process.

Depending on which position within the realm of audio mastering that you select, you may find opportunities to work from home. Audio mastering experts can find remote job opportunities through a marketplace like Voices.