Sara Delgado

Voice Actor

Sara’s most notable and rewarding project to date was becoming the voice of a campaign for Spotify.

Sara Delgado photo.
15 years
as a professional voice over artist
Voice of Spotify
Premium in Colombia
regional accents


My whole life, my voice has been my biggest tool, my treasure.”
Sara Delgado, Professional Voice Talent

Sara Delgado specifically remembers recording her own voice onto her mother’s cassettes as a little girl. From singing in a high school music band, to hosting a radio show in her home country of Colombia, and now voicing projects for some of the world’s most trusted brands, Sara’s voice has led her on a memorable and life changing journey.

Her charismatic and versatile voice has travelled the world with major brands, including Spotify, Tiffany & Co., Marriott Hotels, Dasani, and Avon.

Before Voices

Before deciding to pursue a full-time career in voice over, Sara worked in advertising agencies, recording occasional jingles and audio spots for various companies. With Voices, she saw an opportunity to further develop her career and gain access to a steady stream of voice over jobs.

After joining a webinar hosted by the platform, she decided it was time to make the transition to a full-time voice over career and purchased her very first membership on the site.

“I joined Voices at a time of total career transformation in my life, when I knew I wanted to dedicate my time to the amazing career of voice over full-time. Today I make a living entirely from my voice and have expanded my portfolio voicing anything from commercials, tutorials, and jingles, to audiobooks and documentaries.”
Sara Delgado, Professional Voice Talent

With Voices

One of Sara’s most notable and rewarding projects to date was becoming the voice of a worldwide campaign for Spotify Premium where she recorded for 28 radio and internet spots for the company. “Being the voice of Spotify Colombia fills me with immense pride.” says Sara. Since then, she’s been able to continue voicing projects for the brand and building a lasting professional relationship.

Being a multilingual voice actor has also opened up a wealth of opportunities for Sara from voicing language courses for Duolingo to commercials for brands looking to appeal to a Spanish-speaking audience and most notably being the Spanish-speaking narrator for a documentary originally narrated by Meryl Streep.

“Voices has allowed me to stay extremely engaged in voice over by auditioning daily, learning continuously, and earning an income by working with brands that I would have never imagined possible.”
Sara Delgado, Professional Voice Talent

One of the most rewarding things about being a voice actor for Sara is the ability to re-invent herself with every new project. “Every client has a unique magic to them and I am fortunate to lend my voice to such a wide variety of brands, challenging myself to find new voices within me.”

As for her future aspirations as a voice actor, Sara dreams of one day becoming a world renowned documentary narrator: “Ultimately, it’s not about the projects I’ve landed or the clients I’ve served, it’s about what I dream of doing and what I know I will one day achieve if I continue to learn and love what I do.”

Sara Delgado
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