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"Working in the voice over industry has been the biggest blessing in my life."

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“Working in the voice over industry has been the biggest blessing in my life,” says Emily, a professional voice actor based in Utah with a knack for providing a soothing and genuine voice. With altruistic motivation at the top of her list, she says, “The whole point behind doing this kind of work is to have people want to listen to you.” 

As a busy mom, Emily flourishes in the flexibility that a voice over career promotes and is living out her ideal work/life balance while truly loving what she does—a lifestyle coveted by many and earned by those willing to learn something new. For Emily, it’s been about recognizing that there are people to learn from all around her. She has capitalized on those learning opportunities and has risen to become a successful voice actor with sights set on enjoying the ebbs and flows that come with the territory of work in the performing arts. She reminds herself to focus less on sounding polished and more on relaxing into the script and admits “it’s fun to get jobs for companies that are known worldwide!”

Before Voices

In her early years, Emily was an actress and spent many years in theatre fine-tuning her skills in the performing arts. Her early career goals were to pursue acting until the realities of the time commitment had her picturing a future where time with loved ones would be hard to come by. Becoming a single mom of five kids, Emily had to find a way to support her family, and after working for other people, she knew there had to be something else out there that would offer her the flexibility and fulfillment she knew she needed.

With Voices

“I know I do my best work when I’m feeling relaxed, positive and happy. Minimizing stress is a huge one that helps accomplish that. I remind myself that I love what I do.”
Emily Flegal, Professional Voice Actor

Choosing to pursue a career in voice acting during a pivotal time in her personal life meant Emily learned to manage a lot of change while also giving herself ample grace to learn through experience and develop an unshakable sense of positivity. She says if she could give her younger self advice, she’d say “Be positive, believe in yourself, be open to learning more, make time for yourself and the ones you love, and love what you do.” Advice she now knows is at the center of a career in voice over. 

“Not only is voice acting something I LOVE to do and feel like I’m pretty good at (thanks to all my years in theatre), it allows me to be home with my family and have the freedom to take off when we need to. I always try to keep clients happy and be really accommodating, but being my own boss has been amazing.”

Beginning with her first job on the Voices marketplace for a phone messaging system in 2010, Emily has developed a profound sense of accomplishment tied to the thrill of auditioning and hearing the final cut. 

One of Emily’s favourite projects was for an Audi dealership. She lent her voice to the role of a weather forecaster in a commercial depicting adventure seekers finding their latest deep woods camping adventure in an Audi. “It was a small spot, but I thought it was magical,” Emily said. 

She admits there’s no secret to booking voice over work, riding the ebbs and flows of it all is a part of the pleasure. Emily radiates a lighthearted positivity that can be seen in the way she prioritizes a stress free environment:

“I know I do my best work when I’m feeling relaxed, positive and happy. Minimizing stress is a huge one that helps accomplish that. I remind myself that I love what I do, because I think you have to love what you do if you’re really going to be happy—at work, at home and everywhere else.” 

The freedom afforded to Emily’s career moves have given her the time capacity to tackle a long standing dream of hers. She has always wanted to write a children’s book, she said, “and I finally did it!”

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