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Voices is Your Source for Music Composer Jobs

Music composers are the magicians behind every jingle, podcast intro, or movie score. They bring sounds to life through original compositions. Joining Voices as a composer will open the door to finding a wide range of jobs. Keep reading to find out more about music composition jobs on Voices.

Music Composition Jobs on Voices

Music composers don’t just create soundtracks for movies or TV. As a composer, you have many opportunities to use your talent to write music for various companies. Some of the most popular jobs available for music composers on Voices include:

Jingles and Audio/Video Advertisements

The advertising industry is always looking for catchy jingles or original background music. These short songs are well-known for being memorable and important contributors to brand recognition. Jingles connect to an audience instantly and should leave a lasting, positive impression on their listeners.

Movies and TV Shows

As a music composer, you have the opportunity to be the creator behind movie scores and TV show soundtracks. Music composers help create entire soundtracks, intro songs for shows, and much more. Music is an essential part of the storytelling process for shows and movies, and is an amazing tool that creators use to convey information succinctly.

Video Games and Virtual Reality

Just like movies and TV shows, video games need their own soundtracks and background music, and professional creators don’t stick to stock music, but prefer an original piece that resonates with the game. Video game creators and VR companies will post jobs for music composers to respond to and create beautiful pieces to enhance their games.


Do you have the intro to your favorite podcast memorized? That song was likely created by a music composer. Whether it’s 20 seconds or a minute long, podcast intros and outros are a critical aspect of each podcast’s identity.

Who’s Hiring Music Composers?

With Voices, you could have the opportunity to work with a range of companies, such as:

  • Film and TV production studios
  • Music studios
  • University music departments
  • Entertainment studios

How to Become a Music Composer

The most essential quality needed to become a music composer is a passion for music. Music composers know how to read and write music, and they can likely play an instrument—most play multiple instruments. You can either work in a specific genre or be a jack-of-all-trades and work in numerous.

The journey to composing often starts at a young age. Some of the most talented music creators have been playing at least one instrument for many years—but that doesn’t mean you can’t start now! Join choirs, bands, and orchestras to hone your skills.

Higher education is also essential. A bachelor’s degree in music, music composition, or a related field is often necessary for landing top music composer jobs. While in college, a lot of aspiring composers take internships at record companies or ad agencies. Some even seek advanced training and pursue a master’s or doctoral degree in composition.

Most music composers are self-employed, and that’s where Voices comes in as an integral part of creating a satisfying music composition career.

Join Voices to Launch Your Music Composition Career

Let Voices enhance your career in music composition. You can respond to as many jobs as you desire and start earning money on the platform quickly. There are always jobs available on Voices, with clients looking for talented composers like you to create original musical pieces. Using Voices will diversify your income stream, ensuring you have a steady income throughout the years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A music composer creates original musical scores for various uses, including video games, advertisements and jingles, movies, television, and podcasts. Music composers typically advise musicians on the scores they create and can play numerous instruments themselves. They also work with digital instruments.

There are many music composer jobs on the market, especially on Voices. Companies and individuals are always looking for music composers for various projects. When applying for jobs, be ready to show off your best talents. Network with other composers and companies you work with. You never know who might have a job for you.

Music composers need the following qualifications to get started creating songs:  

  • Ability to read and write music
  • Musically adept with the ability to play several instruments
  • Bachelor’s degree in music, music composition, or a related field
  • Experience creating musical scores and soundtracks