Company Press Press Releases Leading Marketplace For Voice Over Invites Translators to Its Platform

Leading Marketplace For Voice Over Invites Translators to Its Platform

London, ON | June 15, 2021

Voices, a world leading freelance marketplace, is expanding its platform to include translation services. While voice over will always be the cornerstone of the marketplace, the expansion into new service offerings, including audio production and music composition, will provide talent with even more diverse work opportunities and brands with the ability to secure all their creative needs in one place.

“Our marketplace is known as the definitive destination for everything voice, providing access to professional voice artists who are central to a company’s audio brand,” says David Ciccarelli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Voices.

Global branding and marketing campaigns need skilled translators who can localize content to ensure it authentically resonates with different communities. The importance of being able to connect with target audiences through content that is translated, localized, and accurately adapted is growing. With translation services, projects that may have originally only been impactful in English-speaking North America, for example, can now be localized to reach other important demographics based on the region specific dialect and lingo, like Spanish-speaking Mexico or Spain, French-speaking France or Haiti, or Portuguese-speaking Portugal or Brazil.

When asked about the vast trend in the hyper-localization of audio scripts, Miami-based voice actor Aracely Rivera shares “A trend we have seen as voice over artists is regionalized work, meaning clients that are looking for artists that understand the cultural differences among people such as Hispanics and can speak to them in their accent so that the message is better received by the intended audience.“ 

“Script translations should never be left to an automatic translator. It is best to think about the process as a full adaptation of the script to the target audience,” Rivera, who is an interpreter of copy in International Spanish, Latin American Spanish, and English with a slight Spanish accent, says. “Advertisers do it all the time when they adapt messaging, taking into account audience demographics. In English to Spanish translations, regional differences should be considered, as well as the country of origin of the audience being targeted as variances do apply in customs, accents, and even words…localized scripts are crucial.“ 

With its leading position as the world’s biggest voice over marketplace for the last 15 years, Voices is opening its doors to translators to securely and easily find work with the world’s biggest brands. Professional translators can work remotely and flexibly, resting easy knowing that they are guaranteed to be paid for work done through the Voices platform. 

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