Company Press Press Releases Leading Marketplace For Voice Talent Expands to Welcome Musicians and Singers

Leading Marketplace For Voice Talent Expands to Welcome Musicians and Singers

London, ON | June 15, 2021

Voices, the world’s leading voice over marketplace, has announced the expansion of its platform to host music composers and singers in addition to the newly welcomed translators and audio producers. As the investment in sonic strategies grows globally, Voices now provides the ability to secure a host of creative needs in one place.

“For years, brands have invested in their visual identities. Now, brands worldwide are also defining what they sound like. New audio assets are being developed, such as a library of brand-friendly music, sound effects, and even sonic logos. We have always hosted world-class vocal talent, so the move to include singers and musicians is a natural step,” says David Ciccarelli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Voices.

The voice acting career of actor and musician Zach Hoffman took off when he joined Voices a few years ago. The family man and father of four works from his vocal booth in Nashville, Tennessee. In the hub of rock’n’roll, he meets weekly with his two brothers to jam, write, and compose music together. “Voices as a platform is clearly the pioneer when it comes to the voice over market. We created something powerful with Voices, and I’m excited for us to realize that same ingenuity with music,” Hoffman says.

Hoffman is preparing for cinematic audio demand across all sectors, pointing out the opportunities the expansion into music composition and singing services on Voices’ platform will offer musicians. “It will become a safe place for musicians to share demos of original music, and to earn money with it. When I signed up for a profile, I started making money pretty fast—the idea that that can happen with music just excites me, and I want to bring something spectacular to the site,” he adds.

Allyson Briggs has been a voice actor with Voices for more than ten years. The NYC-based professional singer and leader of jazz band Fleur Seule scored placements in movies and has written original music for commercial clients in English and Spanish. Especially with COVID-19 restrictions on live gigs, Briggs sees the recording of scratch tracks and demos for Voices as a big opportunity for musicians. “Together with my production network, we have put together different home studio recordings to create music. You can record string sounds from an orchestra in one city, and add the vocal recordings from another. This way, we can master big music productions remotely.”

Professional Musicians can apply to join Voices now at

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