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Voices is Your Source for Audio Editing Jobs

Audio editing is a growing industry. Creators are producing more content worldwide than at any other point in history, so audio editing jobs are becoming more popular to keep up with demand.

It takes mastery and an ear for audio to finesse audio projects. This can include things like adding sound effects, basic editing, format conversion, and cleaning up unwanted sounds from audio files.

Why Use Voices for Your Audio Editing Career?

Audio editing is a competitive field with many opportunities coming from industry leaders like movie studios or online entertainment providers. Getting your foot in the door is the first step to creating a satisfying and challenging audio editing career. By offering your audio editing skills to clients on Voices, you’ll have a leg up on many of your competitors. The Voices marketplace works by creating a place where audio editors and clients can connect with each other to find the best fit for their jobs.

As an audio editor, you can use your previous body of work as an advertisement to potential clients. An online presence is an important part of networking when it comes to remote work, and your Voices profile will act as a way for potential clients to get to know you and your audio editing style.

On Voices, you can find job postings from some of the world’s leaders in audio production. As an audio editor, the jobs you’ll see on Voices will come from a wide array of fields. These can include movie studios, TV studios, online entertainment companies, podcasters, music artists, advertisement firms, and more.

Voices is a great way to supplement your income. You can choose to take jobs that have less than an hour of editing to do or longer jobs that require you to spend days working on the project. Whatever your schedule is, there are jobs on Voices that can fit your lifestyle.

With Voices, getting audio editing jobs is a breeze. Send in your proposals for the audio editing jobs you’re interested in and work directly with clients right on our platform.

What Does an Audio Editor Do?

As an audio editor, your responsibility will be to take raw and uncut audio files and edit them to the client’s satisfaction. Depending on the type of job, that could mean cleaning up the files to remove graininess or feedback, among other things.

For more complicated jobs, audio editors have a lot of responsibilities. For example, if you’re editing audio that will be added to a movie, you need to focus on not only making the audio sound great but also matching it up to the images on screen.

Some of these more complex jobs clients may offer you include creating mixes for music, which audio editors need to make sound perfect and in rhythm. Other projects include putting sound effects together with images for movies and adding in voice over.

What’s Special About the Audio Editing Industry?

Some of the most exciting parts of the audio editing industry have to do with the growing trend of online entertainment. Cable TV isn’t as popular as it once was, and we are now seeing a lot of growth in the online space, like Youtube, Facebook, and streaming platforms like Netflix. These are some of the fastest-growing, most dynamic areas of the audio production space.

As the audio production space changes, so too will the type of work clients need help with. Online entertainment audio editing jobs are the fastest-growing media, and job postings for things like internet videos are only increasing.

One of the greatest parts about being an audio editor is the flexibility it extends to you. You don’t need to be cooped up in a sound studio to edit audio anymore. All you need is a stable internet connection and the right software to succeed at audio editing jobs, connecting with clients worldwide

Those hiring for audio production jobs expect their talent to use professional-grade audio editing software to produce the highest quality sound. When it comes to software, there are many options for audio editors. Some of the most popular audio editing software used by the talent at Voices includes FilmoraPro and Adobe Audition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few creative strategies to increase your chances of landing one of these dream jobs. Create an online presence, utilize your network and connections, and be strategic about your job search. 

Audio editing software enables engineers to make the necessary adjustment for audio data. The best audio editing software will help you export or import file formats for WAV, MP3, FLAC, OGG, and more. Audio editing software options include Adobe Audition, Audacity, Ashampoo Music Studio, Wavepad, Zortam Mp3 Media Studio, FL Studio, DRmare, Soundation, Avid Pro Tools, GarageBand, PreSonus Studio One, Ocenaudio, and Acoustica.

Audio editors can certainly work remotely from anywhere. Many exciting remote jobs allow professionals to edit audio components from videos and sound recordings. Your responsibilities will largely depend on what audio types you work with.