Company Press Press Releases Voices Releases First Episode of New ‘Voice Branding’ Podcast

Voices Releases First Episode of New ‘Voice Branding’ Podcast

London, ON | May 30, 2022

Voices CEO and Founder, David Ciccarelli, is taking a behind the scenes look at the creative processes, tools, and technologies brands use to engage with their audiences in the new ‘Voice Branding’ podcast.

“On Voice Branding, we will explore what it takes to shape messages, tell stories and brand the world’s most influential organizations,” says Ciccarelli. “I’m looking to chat with creative minds working at ad agencies, production houses, experts in sound design and sonic branding.”

In the inaugural episode of ‘Voice Branding’, Ciccarelli connects with Jon Corbin, Creative Producer at Corbin Visual Ltd.

Corbin joins Ciccarelli to discuss the creative process, how clients can best prepare for a video shoot and other visual campaigns to create content that feels reel.

“The reality to how creativity blossoms is who you surround yourself with and what their responsibilities are. It’s all about how you adapt inspiration, through your own worldview; I think that’s what creativity is about,” Corbin explains on the podcast. 

Check out the full podcast here.

If you or someone that you know would be a great guest on the podcast, we’d love to hear from you. Just fill out this application form.

With podcasts being consumed in 50% of American households, it’s no surprise that Ciccarelli is spearheading this audio-based initiative. Responsible for setting the vision and executing the company’s growth strategy, Ciccarelli regularly writes and talks about the critical importance of solid audio branding and showing up in audio-focused spaces. 

Voices takes its own advice, offering an assortment of podcasts and live webinars to its talent and client communities. 

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