Company Press Press Releases Voices Discovers a Wide Variety of Industries are Using Freelancers and Freelance Marketplaces in Business Strategy

Voices Discovers a Wide Variety of Industries are Using Freelancers and Freelance Marketplaces in Business Strategy

London, ON | August 25, 2021

Voices, the #1 creative services freelance marketplace, has found that many companies in a wide variety of industries are turning to freelancers and freelance marketplaces to outsource work. This further supports that the future of work is freelance and now is the right time to consider implementing the use of freelancers in business planning and strategy.

According to 170 respondents, the most common reasons for outsourcing work using freelance marketplaces are: Saving Time—Hiring freelancers means businesses are saving time on the recruitment process or the training of existing employees; Saving Money—Freelancers are often more affordable in comparison to hiring a full-time, permanent employee, especially when considering benefits, vacation pay, and the onboarding process required for full-time staff; Supplementing In-House Talent—Though in-house teams are skilled in their roles, freelancers are brought in to bridge any gaps in expertise or capacity; Industry Expertise—Freelancers are often masters of their craft and have experience working for a multitude of clients, meaning they are better aware of industry trends and audience sentiment.

“We already know that 33% of Fortune 500 companies and 42% of U.S. small businesses are utilizing freelancers to outsource work,” says Colin McIlveen, Vice President of Sales at Voices. “As businesses of all sizes move toward a more permanent hybrid workforce, the need for filling skill gaps quickly and reliably by using freelance marketplaces is becoming more attractive. After all, agility is crucial when it comes to completing projects with tight deadlines. Freelance marketplaces like Voices also offer another key ingredient for companies who are looking to expand into new markets: the quick and affordable ability to source talent in other cities, regions, or countries. The future is freelance.”

That sentiment is being echoed by many across a diverse number of industries, including but not limited to: plastic surgery clinics, digital security firms, marketing and PR agencies, e-commerce websites, crypto payment gateways, online stock traders, higher education facilities, health and wellness companies, fintech corporations, remote monitoring, insurance, hemp and cannabis, and virtual assistants. 

Overall, it appears that working with freelancers often comes with less fuss. “Onboarding a freelancer can easily be done within a matter of hours or days,” shares Eden Cheng, Co-Founder of PeopleFinderFree. “With freelancers, we can often get them up and running in no time at all, since there are fewer hassles like paperwork when it comes to training, which means we can get work done faster and more efficiently.”

Some entrepreneurs are even relying on freelancers to get their businesses off the ground or to run operations day-to-day, decreasing the need for full-time employees and the associated overhead costs.

“When I decided to start my business, I was on a tight budget so hiring a freelancer was the answer. I’ve hired a web developer and copywriter and they’re worth every single penny. Freelancers were there for me to help my startup succeed,” says Michael Miller, CEO of VPN Online.

It’s a similar story for Ravi Davda, CEO of Rockstar Marketing. “Everyone on our team is a freelancer—we have no full-time staff. This ranges from content writers, to social media managers, to link builders, to website design professionals. Working with freelancers is definitely the way forward for us.”

Still more businesses are rounding out their permanent teams with regular freelance workers. Daniel Martin, Co-Founder of LinkDoctor LLC, shares “We began our company with freelancers and remote employees. We have freelancers all over the world and they work in different time zones. When our in-office employees end their shifts, our freelancers will just begin working.”

The easiest way to connect with skilled, reliable freelancers is through a freelance marketplace like Voices. Voices is proud to connect clients with professional creative freelancers offering voice over, translation, audio production, music composition, and singing. 

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