Company Press Press Releases Voices celebrates the end of school year with “Dear Teacher” campaign

Voices celebrates the end of school year with “Dear Teacher” campaign

London, ON | May 17, 2023

Voices, the world’s leading voice over marketplace, is announcing the results of Dear Teacher, a content campaign to amplify appreciation for the hard work and impact teachers make in the lives of their students.

Dear Teacher invited students of yesterday and today to dedicate a message to a teacher that made a huge impact in their life, no matter what age they are now or how long ago they were in school. Collaborating with voice actors and voice coaches on the Voices platform, Voices brought ten of those messages to life. The result is a heartwarming collection of tributes for educators that have inspired and shaped the lives of many.

“Teachers play a significant role in the development of a student, and put so much of their heart into what they do,” says Tara Parachuk, Senior Manager, Brand Communications at Voices. “To end the school year on a high note and show support to teachers across the country, we’re showcasing a collection of heartfelt ‘thank yous’ to some of the best teachers globally.”

The final recordings of messages are published on social channels and on the Voices campaign page. The messages express nostalgia, gratitude, and reflections from students from recounting their difficult math class to overcoming their stage fright, and the teacher that believed they could.

Those interested are encouraged to listen on instagram at @voices and at