Company Press Press Releases The Voice of Chevrolet’s “Find New Roads” Campaign

The Voice of Chevrolet’s “Find New Roads” Campaign

London, ON | October 15, 2013

Bill DeWees does not fit the typical actor mold. A self-described “business guy,” DeWees broke into the voice over industry 8 years ago after the corporation he worked for downsized operations. Known for his genuine “guy next door” approach to voice overs, DeWees is now a full-time voice over actor, and was recently signed as the global signature voice in Chevrolet’s “Find New Roads” campaign.

Working his way through the industry, the projects have become more and more global in nature. After securing actor John Cusack for the American market, Chevrolet was seeking a voice to represent the brand for their worldwide ad campaign.

DeWees became their answer when the auto giant revealed that he was on their shortlist and Bill immediately sent in his audition. He was signed on for the German commercial and the Chevy Spark ad and became the “American voice that helps project a great American brand throughout the world.”

Bill also performed the voice of “Turbo,” the lead character in the DreamWorks Animated movie, for a Chevrolet and Turbo movie cross-promotion in Europe.

Leveraging his past has led to his success in voice work. “I think having a corporate and business consulting background gives me a greater appreciation for the importance of branding,” DeWees explains. “Voice actors aren’t just ‘voices.’ We help imprint the ‘brand’ into the consciousness of the public. I also do a lot of corporate narration work. I love it because I understand what it takes to connect and communicate with business people.”

With the unique understanding that DeWees has for branding and marketing, his global projects have elevated his credibility for prospective clients. Some of the biggest companies in the world seek him out to represent their brands, with the list including American Express, Warner Brothers, Lowe’s, Sears, Whirlpool, Adidas,, and John Deere. There have also been commercial projects at the local, regional, and national level, including narration and the recording of 36 audiobooks to date.

Bill’s advice for other clients working on promotional campaigns? “Too many businesses underestimate the power of ‘voice.’ If words alone were more powerful than voice, then all TV commercials would be broadcast exclusively in closed caption,” he reveals. “The right voice can elevate your message and make you memorable to your target audience.”

About Bill DeWees

Bill DeWees is a Chicago-area business and media veteran that is sought out for his highly relatable and genuine “guy next door” approach to voice overs. He has recorded thousands of commercials, corporate projects, and audiobooks.

DeWees is best known as the global signature voice of the new “Chevrolet, Find New Roads” campaign. His credits also include Warner Bros., Sears, American Express, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, John Deere, AstraZeneca, Merck, Verizon, Adidas, Purina, Lowe’s, Whirlpool, Wild Planet Toys, Accenture, and National Geographic.

His diverse background includes radio, television, business/marketing consulting, corporate education, and college professor. In high demand as a voice over coach and teacher, DeWees is also the author of the book, “How to Start and Build a 6-Figure Voice Over Business.”

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