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Voice Acting Future Looks Bright According to Voices Annual Report

London, ON | January 02, 2008

Voices, the voice over marketplace, is an online web service that takes finding the right voice for the job to the next level while subscribing to simplicity. In addition to helping people find the perfect voice for their project, the site is a hub of information and educational resources related to the art of voice acting, voice over and celebrity voice actor news.

On the eve of 2008, Voices CEO David Ciccarelli released the company’s annual State of the Voice Over Industry report. Ciccarelli’s research indicates that there are great things in store for voice actors in 2008 as mediums such as broadcast television and radio continue to grow as well as those of non-traditional areas such as podcasting, wireless technology and audio publishing, specifically the booming audiobook market.

Why is this great news for voice actors? Voice actors are the voices that are heard by not seen in countless advertisements, entertainment programs, station imaging and identification, audiobooks, in-store advertisements, videogames, on planes, trains and even automobiles equipped with voice activated devices and GPS systems. While markets for products that feature voices continue to grow and new niche markets are created for voice, opportunities for voice actors to acquire more voice over work are realized.

Voices Chief Executive Officer, David Ciccarelli, says, “The need for voice over recordings will dramatically increase in 2008. Our mission at Voices is to prepare for the imminent consolidation of all voice acting jobs as more people outsource their voice overs to the web and to continue to be a vessel for those opportunities to be channeled through for freelance voice acting professionals online.” 

Download the free State of the Voice Over Industry PDF here.

About Voices

Based in London, Canada, Voices provides an online marketplace, facilitating transactions between business clients and voice-over professionals employing a comprehensive suite of web-based services. Clients that have worked at Voices include NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, Reader’s Digest, Comcast, Nortel Networks, Bell Canada, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, ING, Western Union, Ford, GM, Jaguar, US Army, the US Government and more.