Company Press Press Releases Voice Assistant Apps are Top Priority, Voices Trends Report Finds

Voice Assistant Apps are Top Priority, Voices Trends Report Finds

London, ON | August 12, 2022

More than 40% of marketing professionals said voice assistant applications were the top priority trend for them to implement, the 2022 Voice Branding Trends Report from Voices, the #1 voice marketplace, found.

More than 35% said social audio was a priority for them; while a little over 20% identified podcasting as their priority in 2022.

“Every industry is now being touched and are beginning to use sonic branding in relevant ways to their target markets; Automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, tech, education, tourism, sports and recreation, the list goes on and on,”  Voices Vice President of Marketing, Angela Hawkins said. 

“With increased interest, we predict a steady increase in spending in voice branding. While you can’t control your marketing budget, you can find the right voice within your budget for your custom voice branding campaigns.”

40 percent of respondents also said they plan on using voice or sonic branding in their 2022 marketing strategy.

The three other trends identified in the report were:

2. Cost and budget is a major hurdle for mass adoption

3. Voice branding isn’t a fad

4. Companies are willing to partner up to create voice/sonic brand campaigns

To read the full 2022 Voice Branding Trends Report, click here.

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