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Voices Member, Rosi Amador, Voice of L’Oréal Paris Podcast Series

London, ON | November 19, 2014

Rosi Amador, a rarity in the industry as a Spanish-English, bilingual and bi-cultural voice-over actor, has been signed as the overdub voice of L’Oréal’s international podcast series on sustainable products, female empowerment, and employee relations.

Since January 2014, Rosi Amador has regularly voiced these podcasts in English and Spanish for L’Oréal in Paris, all recorded in her professional studio in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Rosi, a widely-recognized global talent, records approximately 90% of her voiceovers there for clients, including those for PBS, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, OXFAM International, Lonely Planet, Humana Healthcare, Disney on Ice, and Comcast, to name a few.

“It all started when Paris-based ‘social radio factory’ GOOM Radio found us online and charged us with overdubbing a compelling French program into our neutral Latin American Spanish,” Rosi says. “A few days later, they called to say they wanted myself and my husband, Brian Amador, a fellow bilingual voice actor, to also overdub the female and male voices in their weekly L’Oréal industrial podcasts into English, in addition to the occasional Spanish overdubs.”

The podcasts feature the voices of L’Oréal industry leaders from around the world, which inform and motivate company employees on new products, as well as ambitious social initiatives. The content includes information on how new, environmentally-sensitive products are being specially developed in a sustainable manner, as well as how these can empower global communities of women to look and feel their best. Rosi, who hails from Puerto Rico, of Argentine descent, and majored in French, overdubs the industry leaders’ motivating explanations in Spanish and English, as well as expertly pronouncing the French titles and names for the international beauty giant’s program. “

Although everyone is familiar with L’Oréal’s business focus -beauty- most people don’t know that their mission is rooted in a much broader social purpose,” explains Rosi. “In fact, their mission aligns very much with my own, so every week I am thrilled to be able to use my voice in a way that reflects my values.”

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About Rosi Amador

Rosi Amador is a Spanish/English, bilingual and bi-cultural voiceover actor.A native speaker of both languages, Rosi can deliver English with or without Spanish accent, as well as Spanish with a neutral Latin American Spanish, Argentine or Puerto Rican accent, to suit a wide variety of demographics and specific, targeted populations. Rosi is also a musician and singer, having released 6 albums with her band, Sol y Canto.

Bilingual projects are a specialty and passion of Rosi’s and she brings her bi-cultural expertise to every project. Rosi’s voiceover experience over the past decades is richly diverse. A flexible actor and intuitive voice talent, Rosi’s voice is often used for everything from educational and corporate narrations, interactive books, mobile apps, tourist guides, and podcasts, to television promos, such as those for Discovery Familia and PBS’ popular miniseries, Downton Abbey. Rosi has made her voice over work a family affair with her husband and twin daughters, forming Amador Bilingual Voice Overs ten years ago.

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