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Voices Releases Report on Voice Over Talent Success Strategies

London, ON | September 12, 2018

Voices, the largest voice over marketplace in the world, has released a new report on the voice over industry. The report, titled “How to Become a Successful Voice Actor,” reveals insights that have a direct and positive impact on the careers of the over 200,000 voice talent who rely on the platform to source work.

Survey data from actors and voice over coaches from around the world was analyzed and documented to understand exactly which activities professional voice actors engage in for the best return on investment. The investigation also explored how a professional’s workflow differs from that of the beginner or industry newcomer. The result of this research is a comprehensive report for all levels of voice over actors.

This voice over-centric report highlights insights and strategies around such topics as talent development, home recording studio technology, auditioning best practices, marketing strategies, and more. Top findings from How to Become a Successful Voice Actor include the following:

Voice actors who have 7 or more demos listed on their Voices profile experience:

  • 290% increase in being hired
  • 312% increase in earnings
  • 300% increase in being favorited by listeners

Those who audition 7 times or more per day make an average of $20,000 more per year than voice actors who audition less

Voice actors who list on their profiles that they’ve received training:
Make 13% more on a job-per-job basis
Book 21% more jobs

“Voice actors are always trying to answer the question, ‘how can I be more successful?’,” says Julianna Lantz, Manager of Talent Services at Voices. “Becoming a professional voice actor takes time, training, and dedication. However, many talented voice over actors become discouraged when they can’t determine the exact combination of activities that will get them to where they want to be. This report outlines exactly what to do to see success.”

To read the complete How To Become A Successful Voice Actor report, visit

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