Company Press Press Releases Rising VO Star Rachel Fulginiti Hosts Deyan Institute’s New VO Pro Series

Rising VO Star Rachel Fulginiti Hosts Deyan Institute’s New VO Pro Series

London, ON | April 30, 2014

“If you’re truly committed to consciously growing your career, you need to challenge yourself and go the extra mile,” states Rachel Fulginiti. She’s referring to the new VO Pro Series that has been launched at the recently-opened Deyan Institute of Voice Artistry and Technology. 

The VO Pro Series is a collection of Saturday morning voiceover workouts led by an impressive lineup of guests, such as commercial casting directors, video game directors and promo producers. “The idea is to get in front of decision makers and learn from their knowledge, feedback and expertise,” Rachel explains. “It also provides an opportunity for voice actors to expand their network and develop relationships with these individuals. You become real to them.”

As coordinator of the series, Rachel handpicked the formidable crew of industry personalities. She explains that one of the benefits of the Deyan Institute being located in the Los Angeles area is the direct access to these highly-regarded professionals: “We’re lucky to be where we are; it’s so important for actors to take advantage of that.”

As a rising star in the voiceover world, working with clients such as Kia, Fox, and Dunkin Donuts in just 5 short years, Rachel sees the value and importance of networking and creating relationships. She states, “With so much competition out there, you might not be remembered if you simply hide out in your booth every day and submit auditions – that’s what everyone does. If I have a chance to meet a decision maker face to face and show them my work, you better believe I’m taking that opportunity!”

The VO Pro Series is part of a larger vision for the Deyan Institute, which was founded by Grammy Award-winning audiobook producers Bob and Debra Deyan. The idea for the series came during a brainstorming session on how Rachel could take what she does and contribute in some way. “Bob and Debra are just the nicest people you could ever meet,” she says. “I had to do something; a lot of people feel that way and so many have come together to build this awesome Institute, the first of its kind.”

The institute was created in honor of Bob, who was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) last year. The institute’s goal is that Bob’s appreciation of the art of storytelling and using the human voice, as well as his ideals and discipline, will live on through the school and its students. In addition to the VO Pro Series, courses are being offered in audiobook narration and production, voice acting, and voicing for games and toys.

The VO Pro Series at The Deyan Institute is open to working voice actors with at least two years of experience and agency representation. Describing the logic behind the class standards, Rachel shares that “it’s important that the workshops are filled with competitive talent, as the overall level of the group can either elevate or diminish the reputation of its participants in the eyes of the director.”

She promises that the first round of guest directors is “a truly stellar lineup.”

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About Rachel Fulginiti

Rachel Fulginiti is a voice actor, audiobook narrator and blogger living in Los Angeles. She’s represented by William Morris Endeavor and has voiced for hundreds of brands including McDonalds, Fox, Kia, and Target, to name a few. Visit for more information.