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Voice Over Talent Enjoying Voices’ Project Marketplace

London, ON | November 30, 2022

Voices, the #1 voice marketplace, has seen a positive response from professional voice actors since the launch of Project Marketplace™, a new way for clients to discover and hire voice talent.

Project Marketplace has been providing creative directors, agencies, casting directors, video producers, video and content producers with another way to hire talent, discover new voices, and create relationships on Voices.

Here’s why voice actors like the option Project Marketplace provides.

Voice actors have new ways to get discovered and get to set the project specifications in advance, allowing clients to easily purchase a voice over package. They get showcased in new areas on the website, which leads to more opportunity.

They also get to work on the projects they want to. With Project Marketplace, voice actors have more control over the terms of engagement with clients.

Most importantly, with Project Marketplace, voice actors get to do more of the work they love.

“I find project marketplace to be another lucrative tool to market my services as a Voice over artist,” said Morgan Taylor, a Voices verified talent with 74 5-Star reviews, based out of El Paso, Texas.

“I love how customizable it is; it’s a great way to showcase what you can offer and what sets you apart. The setup is user-friendly, and aesthetically helps my profile stand out by adding another feature.”

Taylor said another customized option that voice actors will love about Project Marketplace is the ability to create custom cover photos and ‘brand your business’. Adding it shows personality and professionalism to companies looking to hire voice actors.

Here’s why it matters to those hiring voice actors.

Back and forth of auditioning is completely eliminated creating a quicker, easier hiring process.

Projects are predefined packages of work with upfront prices and timelines. Clients can skip the guesswork and purchase with confidence knowing exactly what they’ll receive.

 Clients can buy a project instantly and then the talent gets to work. All they have to do is download files when the project is complete.

Are you looking to hire a voice actor for a project? Explore Voices Project Marketplace today.

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