Company Press Press Releases Voices Project Marketplace Sees Over 1,300 New Projects Created

Voices Project Marketplace Sees Over 1,300 New Projects Created

London, ON | September 27, 2022

Voices, the #1 voice marketplace is pleased to announce Project Marketplace™, a new way for clients to discover and hire voice talent, has seen more than 1,300 new voice over projects created on the new marketplace feature.

Project Marketplace has been providing creative directors, agencies, casting directors, video producers, video and content producers with another way to hire talent, discover new voices, and create relationships on Voices.

“We’re excited to offer our clients another way to hire voice actors that feels more like a commerce experience. Instead of asking for voice actors to audition for your project, you can shop for what you need by purchasing packages and add-ons with upfront pricing and clear turnaround times,” says Angela Hawkins, VP of Marketing at Voices.

“We’re happy to see that clients are choosing to buy this way, and we’re happy that we’ve been able to offer multiple options to find the perfect voice for their projects. We’ve already had talent adopt this new way to earn money, building thousands of new project listings available to browse.”

Hawkins says she believes Project Marketplace removes the “wait and see” experience of auditioning, instead giving voice talent orders, and payment up front, that they can work on right away.

“We see Project Marketplace as a change for Voices that benefits both our client and talent, saving each of them time so they get to do more of the work they love,” she added.

To Recap, Project Marketplace provides clients three major advantages:

  1. Less Back and Forth: The back and forth of auditioning is completely eliminated creating a quicker, easier hiring process.
  2. Eliminate Uncertainty: Projects are predefined packages of work with upfront prices and timelines. Skip the guesswork and purchase with confidence knowing exactly what you’ll receive.
  3. Hire Instantly: You can buy a project instantly and then the talent gets to work. All you have to do is download your files when the project is complete.

Several other features such as project listings, customization of project packages, and set prices are available through this product launch.

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