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Voices Member, Mary Jane Wells, Voices New Female-Led Video Game

London, ON | November 03, 2014

Mary Jane Wells, a Voices member, theatre alumnae, and singer, is the voice of the female protagonist of a video game that is defying industry conventions.

The voice of Melissa K. in Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold, Mary Jane brings to life a gaming app that is based in Thailand and England in the 1940s with an Indiana Jones’ flavour. “It interested me as it wasn’t the typical bloodbath or slasher aesthetic employed in videogames,” Mary Jane explains. “Yet, this game is just as addictive and exciting as anything else currently on the market.”

Uniquely interactive and set in 3D, Mary Jane was a fit for the lead character of Melissa, a role Mary Jane auditioned for via Voices. The game features over 6 hours of play, 3 difficulty levels, 30 puzzles, and over 30 highly detailed locations.

Working with Laurent Benadiba from SDP games in France and Nick Neutra from Post Creations in LA, Mary Jane did the entirety of the voice over work in post-production. “I hired Post Creations studios, as I had worked previously with Nick, who owns and runs the studios. I had done an app there before, and wanted to make sure that the sound was spot on. I knew we would be dubbing everything for this role, as the animation was already done, and I needed to match the lip-flaps,” says Mary Jane. “We were all doing it as a passion project with limited budget. I think they pulled off an incredible coup: the intricacy of the visual and audio design is mind blowing to me!”

Listed as Best Game of August in China, featured by Apple in over 100 countries, and touted as “one of the most beautiful games” by reviewers, the game has already reached over a million players downloading it.

Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold is available on multiple platforms, including Steam, Big Fish Games, Google Play, and Amazon.

About Mary Jane Wells

Mary Jane Wells is a British voice artist, whose work as a series voice for BBC’s ‘In My Childhood’ earned her a BAFTA. She is also Cate Blanchett’s voice match at Dreamworks for How To Train Your Dragon 2, reads the news for the Chicago Tribune news app and is the voice for the Downton Abbey audiobooks Below Stairs and Above Stairs. Mary Jane is an on-camera actress in HBO’s The Newsroom, as American character Josie Marks. She is delighted to be adventuring and clue-busting as Melissa in the addictive new game, Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold. You can learn more about Mary Jane’s work at

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