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Voice Over Talent, Jason McCoy, Launches Industry Blog

London, ON | April 23, 2014

April 23, 2014

Jason McCoy, a Voices member who has been a voice over artist for over 15 years, had an unconventional start to his voice over career. Working his way up the ranks in the industry from the time he was a 14 year old kid who voiced and produced radio imaging from his bedroom, Jason is now a successful, full time voice actor and taking everything he has learned and blogging about it for others in the industry.

Jason recently undertook the initiative of starting up a blog in an effort to give clients seeking voice talent for their creative projects information to make informed decisions and learn about the industry, as well as a way to provide tips and tricks for other voice talents, and to showcase some work.

His insights from every corner of the industry come from his long road to his now successful career. That teenager who was recording and mixing on his own, out of sheer interest, moved on to interning at a radio station, where the Operations Manager, who knew of Jason’s goals, paid him for his work with studio equipment. Taking his experience with him, this aspiring and determined voice talent left the radio station to start his own company, McCoy Productions, and started pursuing his dream career full time.

“I was voicing and fully producing station imaging and commercials for clients around the world,” Jason recalls. “Business continued to increase and I found myself voicing and producing audio books, presentations, e-learning, narrations, telephone system recordings and more; Anything that required a voice.” However, his success did not happen overnight. Eager to keep growing and honing his skill and business, Jason began tracking down some of the biggest names in voice over for expert insights: “From the beginning, and for many years, I remember listening to other voice over artists, either on a commercial, television show, a documentary, or a cartoon. If I heard a voice I liked, I’d do research to find out who it was. Then, I’d contact them to get advice on having a career in voice over and see how they got to where they are.” Jason credits that guidance to the opportunities he landed to voice projects for national brands like AT&T, PBS, Honda, Ford, Marriott, Intel, and Domino’s.

The blog is Jason’s way of giving back, now that he is in the same position of some of the industry talent he reached out to early in his own career. He is helping other voice talents by giving tips from basic things like studio setups to covering complex topics like new technologies or ways to work around problems. The founder of McCoy Productions receives so many questions from voice talents, and even clients who aren’t used to working with a voice talent, that the blog is the ideal vehicle to answer various questions in one place and to give insight into the industry of voice over.

“When I first began, I realized there are many aspects of being a professional voice over talent,” Jason explains. “So I asked a lot of questions in order to learn the ins and outs of everything. I want to provide others with the information and answers to questions. I hope to build it to be a wealth of useful voice over information.”

Jason has recently covered “The 3 Most Common Voice Over File Types” and “Live Directed Voice Over Sessions.” Be sure to look out for his upcoming topics, which include a detailed studio tour to cover voice over equipment, “Voice Talent Cold Defense,” and a discussion of Voice Over Booths vs. Voice Over Studios.

Jason’s blog can be read here.

About Jason McCoy

Jason McCoy is a North American male voice over artist and founder of McCoy Productions located in Salisbury, Maryland. He has over 15 years of voice over experience and has voiced projects for leading brands including John Deere, Samsung, Ford, AT&T, Intel, PBS, Volkswagen, Intuit, Honda and many others! His friendly, genuine, conversational and caring young adult voice style is why clients hire him for eLearning, radio, tv and internet commercials, explainer, safety and sales videos, radio imaging for stations and national radio shows, audio books, phone prompts and more. Clients around the world are able to direct voice over sessions with Jason live via Source-Connect, Skype or phone patch. For more information about Jason McCoy and to hear his demos, visit