Company Press Press Releases Edwin Oldfield Voices Coca-Cola’s 2014 Cannes Lions’ Grand Prize-Winning Video

Edwin Oldfield Voices Coca-Cola’s 2014 Cannes Lions’ Grand Prize-Winning Video

London, ON | July 22, 2014

Coca-Cola “Happy ID” recently won the 2014 Cannes Lions Grand Prize award in the Fast Moving Media Sector, and Edwin Oldfield was the voice that brought it all to life.

A member of Voices, Edwin has been a professional in the industry for over ten years, voicing campaigns and projects for such globally recognized clients as Colgate, Nextel, Nescafe, and Kia. This project was one that he collaborated on with an advertising agency he’d worked with in the past.

The video that won top honors at 2014 Cannes Lions, a global festival for the creative and advertising industries, is the “Happy ID” project. Coca-Cola’s award-winning video documented the goal of making Peru a happier nation by encouraging people to smile in their photo IDs. Coke-branded photo booths were set up in 30 spots across the country. These photo booths were activated only when the person smiled.

Edwin explains how the simplicity and human emotion behind the video was the basis for success: “I think the video won because it was a really unique idea to combine government IDs with drinking Coca-Cola and being happy. I feel that my voice worked perfectly with the joy and fun of the situation.”

The voice-over for the Coca-Cola “Happy ID” video was completed by Edwin in his studio using video footage from Lima, Peru.

“The video won not just Silver or Gold, but the Grand Prize! I am grateful that I was able to contribute to a video that won such grand honors at Cannes Lions Publicity Festival,” states the voice over professional.

The video and its win has been celebrated widely, with coverage in both USA Today and AdAge.

Coca-Cola “Happy ID” can be viewed here.

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A voice over artist like no other, Edwin Oldfield has the voice that keeps the listener wanting to hear more. From members of the Global 500, like Nextel, to audio tours for world renowned tourist locations, Edwin is known for romancing audiences with a trustworthy, sultry and warm sophistication.

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