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Voice At The Heart of Content Boom, Voices 2023 Annual Trends Report Finds

London, ON | December 13, 2022

With a global pandemic behind us, content creators are primed to try and satiate the audio appetite we’ve grown accustomed to, Voices has discovered through its 2023 Annual Trends Report.

The 2023 Annual Trends Report marks the 12th edition of Voices’ annual end-of-year reporting, assembled using insights provided by widespread surveys and internal data to identify and predict trends heading into the New Year.

After connecting with more than 1,400 survey respondents, it’s clear that content creation is front and center in 2023. In this Annual Trends Report, Voices finds out why more content is being created, what kind of content will captivate audiences and why quality audio content is integral to making an emotional connection with listeners.

“2023 will be the year we see ‘audio routines’ become common language amongst our social networks. Just like we’ve discussed the drama in the latest episode of our favorite shows on the plethora of streaming services; we will see the same level of excitement and conversation around new audio experiences and podcasts,” says David Ciccarelli, Founder and CEO of Voices.

The combination of survey feedback and internal data highlighted three notable trends:

  • Audio Routines Form Daily Habits: Audio routines have become a mainstay in many people’s daily lives, from listening to your favorite podcast while cooking, cycling or commuting to work.
  • Quality is Essential for Engaging Experiences: As podcasts, audio-only series and audio experience apps burst forth; the audio content that will capture an audience will be the ones with the highest quality.
  • Faster and Easier Content Creation Key to Meeting Demand: Almost 60% of content creators told us they will be looking to create more content in 2023.

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