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Canadian Success Voices Launching into New Markets

London, ON | August 08, 2014

Voices has made a bold foray into foreign markets.

Recently, the company that built an online marketplace to bring brands and voice over talent together, completed the massive undertaking of translating their services into Latin American Spanish for the South American market of businesses seeking native-speaking voice actors.

With the new, translated site in place, users speaking Latin American Spanish are able to search, audition and hire voice-over talent in their preferred language. Likewise, voice actors can use the Spanish site to feature their talent and audition for voice-over jobs in a way that best suits them and their particular niche skill set.

Offering the Voices web service in Spanish streamlines the process of connecting and collaborating on projects through the marketplace for those who speak the language, with plans for the same strategy to be implemented for additional markets on an even more global scale.

Voices CEO David Ciccarelli chose the Latin American market as the first international expansion of the company’s services because of the business opportunities it affords for voice-over work.

Voices’s Latin American site already features 1000 Spanish speaking voice-over talent from Mexico and also Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay. With such a healthy number, it is anticipated that the new Spanish site will help secure even more of the Latin American Spanish voice over market.

“Over the last several years, we’ve embraced a vision of going global, mobile and social. With Voices’s mobile and social presence well established, now is the time to execute on our global strategy,” Ciccarelli states. “The translation of the Voices site into Latin American Spanish is our first step for making our service more accessible to customers who prefer to do business in a language other than English.”

Processes have already been set in motion for translating the site into other languages for specific countries. The expansion into foreign voice over markets will include such regions as Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.

“Communicating on a deeper level with our customers around the world, specifically in their own languages, means a lot to us,” explains Ciccarelli. “By translating our website into multiple languages, we are turning obstacles into opportunities, breaking through language barriers one at a time.”

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