Company Press Press Releases Canada’s First Google Glass Explorer, David Ciccarelli of Voices

Canada’s First Google Glass Explorer, David Ciccarelli of Voices

London, ON | July 08, 2013

London ON-based tech entrepreneur, David Ciccarelli, is the first Canadian Google Glass Explorer.

Before the day is done, Ciccarelli will have helped to make Google Glass a household name across Canada and have provided an inside look at how the technology will not only change the way people interact with mobile but also draw them closer to each other.

After some hometown publicity in the London Free Press announcing his being Canada’s first Google Glass Explorer, Ciccarelli made his way to Toronto where he was interviewed on national television and broadcast radio, sharing about the new technology, what people can expect and how he sees Google Glass making its mark on the world.

David Ciccarelli, CEO and co-founder of Voices, is the very first Canadian to experience Google Glass as a Google Glass Explorer. He joins just 8000 other people around the world as a Glass Explorer and is only 1 of 3 Canadians to sport the “coolest specs” in Canada as a Google Glass Explorer.

How does one gain the privilege of sporting said spectacles? In February 2013, Google ran a contest on Twitter inviting the public to share, in 140 characters or less, what they would do with Google Glass if they were selected to buy what has been called by some, “a smart phone on your head.” All entries submitted for the contest were accompanied by the hash tag #ifihadglass.

A tweet made by David Ciccarelli on February 21, 2013 sealed the deal as he promised, “As an audio engineer, I will do something incredibly entrepreneurial with sound or the human voice.”

After appearances on CTV’s Canada AM, Ontario Morning on CBC Radio 1 and coverage on the CBC news, Ciccarelli has been able to share about Google Glass with millions of people across the nation.

To hear more from David Ciccarelli and about his experiences as a Google Glass Explorer, follow him on Twitter via @davidciccarelli


About David Ciccarelli

Newly minted Google Glass Explorer, David Ciccarelli, is the co-founder and CEO of Voices, an award-winning online marketplace, connecting clients with voice-over talent. The unique blending of his audio engineering background with his self-taught business savvy and website development afforded David the creative freedom to pursue his passion for innovation during the first dot com boom, the result of which catapulted him onto the scene as a pioneer in his field in the early 2000s. His areas of expertise include customer relationship management, search marketing, social media marketing, and e-commerce, topics of which he speaks regularly at conferences in Canada and the United States.

A number of case studies regarding Voices’s growth and rebranding strategy have been published and are used on college and university campuses worldwide. David is an honours graduate of the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology and an alumnus of the entrepreneurship program hosted by the Ivey School of Business. When he’s not spending time with his wife and four children, David serves as a volunteer for a number of local organizations and manages his family’s philanthropy and investment portfolio.


About Voices

Voices strives to achieve amazing things through the talent and faith of ordinary people. Voices is the online marketplace that connects businesses with voice over talent. More than 200,000 people from companies like ABC, NBC, ESPN, PBS, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel, Sony Pictures, Audible, Comcast, Bell Canada, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Western Union, American Airlines, Toyota, Ford and GM as well as organizations such as the US Army and the US Government entrust the Voices online marketplace with their stories and collaborate online.