Company Press Press Releases Avengers Main Villain Leading the Way in New ‘Voice Of’ Series

Avengers Main Villain Leading the Way in New ‘Voice Of’ Series

London, ON | August 18, 2022

Ultron, the main antagonist in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, is by far the most read blog for Voices’ new ‘Voice Of’ series.

In June 2022, Voices, the #1 voice marketplace, launched a new blog series looking at the voices behind popular and the most searched voices in movies, television shows, commercials and pop culture. 

Of the eight blogs written so far, it’s clear that ‘Who is the Voice of Ultron?’ is a term that many are going to Google to seek out.

“The whole purpose behind the ‘Voice Of’ blog series was simple. We kept seeing crazy search results within Google for people wondering who voiced their favorite characters in movies, television shows or commercials,”  Voices Vice President of Marketing, Angela Hawkins said. 

“Since we are the world’s destination for voices and voice actors, it made sense for us to create a series answering and profiling some of the most asked questions on the internet. And the response has been great. This is a series you can expect from Voices for quite some time, as we’re confident as long as compelling voices push viewers to ask Google: “Who’s voice is that?”,” Hawkins added.

There has been more than one voice behind Ultron over the years. While most readers will be wondering who voiced Ultron in Avengers: Age of Ultron (it’s James Spader from ‘The Blacklist’, ‘The Office’ and ‘Boston Legal’. There have been a handful of talented voice actors who’ve voiced the infamous Marvel character.

Stay tuned to our ‘Voice Of’ series, as many other Marvel characters will be profiled in the coming months. 

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