Company Leadership Jay O’Connor

Jay O’Connor

Interim CEO

Jay O’Connor is a seasoned software industry executive with a proven track record of growing and transforming young businesses into industry leaders. As the Managing Principal at Silver Tree Associates and an Advisory Partner at the venture capital firm Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital, Jay leads with a wealth of strategic expertise and visionary leadership.

Jay has held numerous executive roles, including President, Interim CEO, and CMO, in addition to his current positions as Managing Principal and Advisory Partner. With a deep passion for product and marketing, during his tenure as SVP of Worldwide Marketing at NetSuite, Jay led the marketing team that increased revenue nearly sevenfold (from $18 million to $120 million) in less than four years, driving NetSuite to become one of the world’s leading SaaS companies.

As Interim CEO of Voices, Jay is excited to use his passion for creating outstanding products and user experiences to take Voices to the next level.