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Touching millions of lives with a COVID-19 PSA Campaign and winning an Emmy. All in a day's work.

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Creative agencies, marketing firms, advertising specialists, and everyone in between pride themselves on their storytelling abilities. In a traditional sense, their brand of storytelling is tied to financial goals, growth objectives, and strategic planning. 

Of course, the last two years have been anything but traditional. The COVID-19 pandemic propelled us into a time where the gifted storytellers in these creative industries felt a sense of obligation to tell stories that went far beyond the usual conversations of growth objectives and financial goals. 

Amidst the pandemic, two like-minded companies came together to act on that sense of purpose and obligation to create a profound storytelling moment and Public Service Announcement. Their project helped to keep more than 20 million people prioritizing each other’s safety during the initial waves of COVID-19. This is the story behind their story.

The ‘Relatable to Everyone’ Project 

Moment Films, a full-service production house, and C+C, an advertising agency, created a series of videos about the importance of physical distancing and masking to help battle the spread of COVID-19 in the state of Washington. The videos were aired as commercials throughout the region’s TV networks as well as through an online campaign. As brilliant as the distribution strategy was, the true genius lies in the compelling storytelling and creative use of live-action footage and animation. 

Below you will see four videos, all of which build upon the others, to leave a lasting impression of “heart-strings meet information.” 

Whether a viewer saw just one or all four videos, the message came through crystal clear. This is the mark of experienced storytellers, like those at C+C and Moment Films. 

“The moment we read the scripts, it was all systems go.”
Chris Donaldson, Moment Films partner

How Voice Over Aided the Impact of the PSA

The skillful use of voice over in three of the four videos helped to clearly deliver the message. The production house knew the videos needed to impact every demographic, just as COVID-19 was doing. A variety of representation and translation into Spanish were going to be key when it came to the voice over component of the project.

“We needed a couple different voices for a few different audiences for this campaign, from teenagers to adults. We wanted conversational and relatable—Voices offered that selection,” said Chris Donaldson, Moment Films partner. 

Because each individual commercial took less than a month to complete from start to finish, a quick turnaround time on voice over auditions was extremely important. Chris said that—like always—a fast and professional delivery was exactly what they got through Voices. Moment Films received more than 300 auditions for these spots in fewer than four days. 

“[We] Love the selection Voices offers us. [A] wide array of talent to choose from, plus an easy and fast process, makes Voices our first stop.”
Chris Donaldson, Moment Films partner

Making Projects More Efficient 

One of the features of the Voices platform Chris and his team utilize is the Favourites List. This feature allows for the ability to shortlist the top auditions and curate a playlist to distribute to clients (in this case C+C) and makes the collaboration on voice over projects that much easier.

“It’s been seamless,” said Chris. 

Chris sums up the experience with Voices in three words: “Fast. Easy. Affordable.”

A Very Deserving Award Goes To… 

The C + C agency project that Moment Films produced led to some truly magnificent results. Beyond helping to save the lives of tens of millions of people through accessible and easy-to-understand PSA videos, the story also won an Emmy Award as the Northwest Regional Award Winner for the Best PSA Campaign.

The following video is the Emmy announcement during the award ceremony. Moment Films and C + C are announced at the 50:09—50:48 mark.

The results say it all—the Internet campaign garnered more than 2 million clicks to the website and 20 million completed video views, while the broadcast campaign ensured more than 90% of Washington adults had been reached. If there was ever a message that needed concentrated viewership, it was this PSA. 

It takes one glance at the Moment Films website to see that the company prides itself on the ability to capture the human essence of a brand—to bring each unique story to life and make it feel relatable to the many. Check out Moment Films to see an extraordinary collection of brand films that feel purpose-driven even when they’re not a PSA. 

Have an upcoming project that needs voice over? See for yourself what Chris and the team at Moment Films are talking about—sign up for a Voices account to easily find and hire voice talent today. 

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