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“Voices helped us find the right narrators and storytellers for the right projects.” 

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Taom is the #1 app where two magical worlds meet for your mindfulness journey for the first time: Storytelling and Guided Meditations. Taom tells stories and leads you through guided meditations. The goal of Taom is for users to learn how to be mindful while enjoying the healing power of art and storytelling. 

It’s scientifically proven that art has an impact on brain wave patterns, emotions, and the nervous system. It can also help you change the way you experience the world while raising serotonin levels. 

With Taom, users choose from their guided meditations and relaxing music on everything from managing stress and everyday anxiety to sleep, focus, and mind-body health. 

According to Taom, science has shown that viewing art that makes you stop and stare can actually cause you to experience the same physical reactions you get when you fall in love.

The Art of Meditation

Taom literally stands for The Art of Meditation. 

Taom doesn’t claim to be a standard well-being app or meditation app. 

The secret lies in its unique approach through the transformative power of storytelling to focus the mind, improve self-awareness, and form the basis of its guided meditations. 

“Basically, we make mindfulness fun. We mix fine art, storytelling and guided meditations for the first time,” Yasir Erdem, co-owner for TAOM said.

“It’s more like a mindfulness experience than listening to someone you don’t know guide you through your meditation; which might be dull and boring for some people who have problems concentrating or keeping their attention on something for too long.” 

With Taom, you get to know the story of your guide first and that smoothly merges into your meditation. 

“Voices helped us find the right narrators and storytellers for the right projects.” 

This concept is something new and Yasir and the team believe this will create a brand new mindfulness genre. 

“It’s been scientifically proven that art has an impact on brain wave patterns, emotions, and the nervous system, which makes it the perfect focal point for meditation. That’s why we use famous art pieces as our visuals and the stories are related to the art pieces,” he explains. 

Taom tells stories and leads you through guided meditations, both of which could help you become more aware in your daily life. 

What Makes TAOM Unique?

With the sea of mindfulness apps, websites and other online resources, it may be hard to tell what makes TAOM unique.

But Yasir said it helps to understand what they’re building by comparing other popular apps.

“We’re aiming to become the mindfulness version of Netflix,” he insisted. 

Think of TAOM as a mix between Storytel, Calm and Netflix. 

All of TAOM’s meditations are related and connected to each other, weaving one massive mindfulness universe together.

“You can see one character in another meditation story or a supporting character as a lead in another one. We see Mona Lisa as our lead art piece. That’s why we used her iconic image everywhere,” he said.

“We have written a special series for the app related to her (Mona Lisa) and Leonardo Da Vinci. That’s going to be our flagship project. We’re planning to record it through Voices before the year ends and it will be a glimpse of what we are trying to become.” 

Every Journey Needs a Voice

Over two years ago, when Taom was first being created, Yasir and the team started to search for a recording studio to record the app’s guided meditations. 

After a few months of searching, they realized that renting a recording studio and finding narrators was not a good idea financially and artistically. 

“We decided to leave the old-fashioned way behind and look for a better, more reliable and affordable option. That’s where Voices came in and changed everything,” he explained.

He said the team at Taom have found working with Voices very easy.

“When you work with a recording studio, you’re limited. You have to be 100% sure what you’re going to record and can’t make any changes because you’re booking the narrator for a certain period of time and they have to be physically in the studio. If you change your way artistically, you’re stuck because you have to rent the studio, make time for it, and book the narrator for the same job again,” he said.

“Voices puts everything in one basket and makes it easy. We don’t have a middle guy, we can negotiate the price with the narrator directly, it’s so much faster than the old-fashioned way.”

They also love that if they need any changes his team can just ask the narrator to rerecord the take again.

“Sustainability is what makes Voices unique. Startups like us find it difficult to figure everything out before we give it a green light. Flexibility is needed when you start a business and Voices gave us that exact tool.”

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