M. Murakami

Voice Actor

M has voiced projects for the likes of Lego, Sam’s Club, Purina, Xerox, Walmart, and more.

Maya Murakami Voice Actor
104 jobs
booked in 12 months
LEGO short
Cast in award-nominated LEGO short
5-star reviews in her first year


Based in LA, accomplished vocalist and drummer M. Murakami has hit the ground running in the world of voice over. With a furious work ethic, a commitment to client satisfaction, and a range that includes everything from youthful and conversational to the professional and authoritative, she has voiced projects for the likes of Lego, Sam’s Club, Purina, Xerox, Walmart, and more.

Before Voices

When she first started out in the voice-over industry back in 2015, she had just completed classes at the world famous Kalmenson and Kalmenson casting agency in Los Angeles. After graduating, she immediately got to work in launching her career. During this period, she was looking for jobs on various voice over casting platforms – everything but Voices.

She eventually switched over to Voices, the largest online voice over marketplace in the world, when she felt like she wasn’t getting very much work from other options in the industry.

With Voices

Since making the switch, she has booked 104 jobs in her first 12 months, and has received nearly 100 5-star reviews from happy clients. Through Voices, she got cast as the frantic weather reporter in director Dylan Woodley’s Tongie-nominated short for Lego, titled “Vehicles Go Wild In The Snow”:

According to M, signing up for Voices made clear the variety and plethora of auditions available to her as a talented voice artist who is driven to book consistent work. She auditions for 5 to 20 projects per day, which amounts to between 50 and 100 auditions per week.

“Voices has actual people making sure artists and clients alike are taken care of. The data shows the difference: I’ve easily booked 2 to 5 jobs per week on Voices, whereas, before, it was 1 job every few months.”

As well, she cites the customer service model to be another reason why her switch has been so positive: “Voices has the absolute best customer service team I’ve ever dealt with. They’re communicative, lightning fast, professional, and friendly. Voices’s team, makes it clear that your issue is their top priority. Also, the company has a great rating system that both clients and talent use effectively, something I have not seen anywhere else in the business.”

The benefit of Voices taking on the burdens of running a business, allowing voice talent to focus on the art, was also a perk for this industry newcomer.

“I never have to worry about getting paid. Voices handles everything. I’ve booked hundreds of jobs on Voices and I’ve been paid every single time, zero hassle. As well, if there is any issue, the Voices reps have always gotten back to me within the work day.”
M. Murakami, Professional Voice Talent

She also exclusively sends interested clients to her Voices profile to book voice over work, thus saving on the further hassle of managing a personal website.

According to her, the biggest win of her voice over career has been discovering voice over in general.

“It’s truly a labor of love to be part of bringing words to life and effectively communicating a message.”
M. Murakami, Professional Voice Talent
M Murakami
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