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"I do it all on the site. TV, radio, web, explainer - there are too many to list! has something for everyone."

Jamie Hill

Jamie Hill

"More and more, I'm hearing talent on the radio and tv, on major networks and popular stations."

Lisa Luck

Lisa Luck

"From job postings to landing a gig, to the communication and finally payment, the process is straightforward. "

Shane Morris

Shane Morris

Frequently asked questions

What's the best membership?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for! A Guest membership gives you the ability to make a profile and be privately invited to jobs however, to have opportunities matched with you - a Premium membership is your best choice.

How does payment work?

Simply put, we take care of everything! You get paid what you quoted for a particular job via PayPal or cheque for every job that is successfully completed. Because clients sometimes have complex payment needs, you can keep doing what you do best while we take care of securing your payment.

How do I get matched with clients?

When you create a profile on and upload your demo, VoiceMatch will match your abilities to what clients are looking for and alert you via email for job opportunities. The higher you match, the higher your audition will appear to clients (even if you weren’t the first to submit your audition)!

Can anyone audition for jobs?

Working from home as a voice talent has never been easier. Premium members can audition as much as they want. Most of the voice actors on have a home studio setup in order to quickly deliver auditions and final files to clients.

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