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Joy Shaw has turned her fresh, professional voice into a thriving voice over career.

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Joy Shaw has turned her fresh, modern, and professional voice into a thriving voice over career. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, combined with seven years in radio and television, Joy has built a long list of reputable clients, including household brands like Coca-Cola, Adobe, Leapfrog, and Farmers Insurance.

A wide vocal range and strong work ethic have led Joy to voice a vast array of projects from audiobooks to documentaries, TV ads, and podcasts. She prides herself in delivering a high-quality performance and going above and beyond to meet her clients’ project needs.

Before Voices

To help pay for her college tuition, Joy began working in radio and television as a talent and producer. During that time, she produced and recorded hundreds of radio and television spots, many of which involved her personally completing a large amount of voice over work. Pursuing a career in the field, however, wasn’t something she considered until her family began growing, which is when finding a job that provided the flexibility to balance work and family life moved up to the top of Joy’s priority list.

With her background in broadcasting, and advice from a close friend, Joy decided to pursue voice acting as a full-time career. She began seeking clients independently by cold calling studios, searching for clients online, and word-of-mouth referrals. Despite spending hours locating and enlisting clients, finding a steady stream of voice over work by herself proved to be very challenging. After spending time researching alternative options, Joy came across Voices. So she created a profile, uploaded her

With Voices

Listening to the radio regularly and mimicking different voice over styles became a way of practicing her craft. Auditioning frequently, often over 200 times a month, also became a regular practice for Joy. Today, she has voiced over 350 projects, worked with household names all over the globe, and built a career that provides her the work and life balance she has always dreamed of.

“Voices and I have been a part of each other since the beginning of my journey, and that’s why they’re important to me. They’ve helped launch my career and gotten me to where I am today. I’ve had a lot of success, and a lot of that is because of Voices.”
Joy Shaw, Professional Voice Talent

While booking work regularly is essential to Joy, ensuring a safe and secure payment experience is just as important. Having the Voices SurePay™ system available to secure project funds in escrow and ensure client payment has alleviated many of the challenges she experienced as an independent voice actor.

“I like that with Voices, you don’t have to worry as much about payment. The SurePay escrow system makes sure the money is there waiting for you once you complete a project. This makes the whole process smoother.”
Joy Shaw, Professional Voice Talent

Joy’s elegant enunciation and timeless delivery has made her a go-to choice for medical education programs as well as TV commercials. She recently completed a 30-second TV commercial spot for SmartStyle, a chain of full-service hair salons located in Walmart stores across the United States and Canada.

Working with world-renowned brands like Walmart is something she takes great pride in.

According to Joy, providing revisions and ensuring a stellar delivery every time is crucial to building lasting relationships with clients. Her commitment to meeting her clients’ needs has continuously opened the door for many opportunities, such as this commercial by Ontario’s Highlands:

Joy can also be heard as the voice of Ryfi, an innovative device to help parents reduce their kids’ screen time and improve family time:

With over a decade of experience and a true passion for the art of voice over, Joy is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. She dreams of securing ongoing national spots in the future that will challenge and enhance her as an artist, but most importantly, that will continue to provide her with the balance and flexibility she needs for her family.

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