Christy Fabbri

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Christy fell in love with acting in high school, and while puppeteering and doing voices in a children’s tv show.

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From the minute she walked into the recording studio for the first time, Christy Fabbri fell in love with every aspect of voice acting. With experience as a puppeteer and singer in a children’s television show and then as a radio show host, Christy realized early on that voice acting was the career she had always dreamed of.

Fast forward to today, Christy Fabbri has voiced projects for some of the world’s largest brands, including Starbucks, Downy, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Kellogg’s, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, and Johnson & Johnson.

“Before Voices, voice acting was kind of just a small side job where I would book the occasional thing. When I signed up with Voices and really started to put in the work to make a successful career out of it, that’s when it became life-changing.”
Christy Fabbri, Professional Voice Talent

Before Voices

While working as a radio show host, Christy voiced projects for several different studios in her hometown of Winnipeg in her free time. A few months later, after suffering a serious car accident that forced her to take time off work and completely reconsider how she wanted to pursue her voice over career, Christy decided it was time to make a change.

“Even now, a few years after quitting my job and taking that jump into being both a full-time mom and voice actor, I still feel that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I truly feel like if I hadn’t been introduced to Voices years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do this full-time on my own. It’s provided me with so many opportunities to gain new clients and repeat clients.”
Christy Fabbri, Professional Voice Talent

With Voices

Christy had always dreamed of working from home and having the ability to pursue her passion while spending more time with her family, so she took a coworker’s recommendation and created a free profile on Voices. She immediately began auditioning for jobs.

Over the next few years, Christy auditioned day and night until her queue was empty. Her mission was to get her voice out to as many potential clients as she could. Soon enough, Christy found herself making a steady stream of income with Voices and decided that it was time to officially quit her job in radio and pursue her voice over career with Voices full-time. She began with one full day a week, and worked her way up to four full-time days a week on the platform. Today, one of the most important benefits that Voices has offered Christy is the ability to balance life as a successful voice over actor and full-time mom of three.

“The great thing is that I am my own boss. I can make my own schedule. As a mom of 3, that is HUGE.” says Christy.

One of Christy’s favorite projects was being the voice of the new Brown Rice Krispies square bars which gave her what she called a “full circle moment” when she stumbled upon the product in stores while grocery shopping with her daughter.

“I saw the boxes sitting on the shelf, and I had this full circle moment. It’s so cool to me that I get to do these big jobs, but still have this anonymity where I can grocery shop with my daughter and no one knows who I am or what I do” says Christy.

Working and developing relationships with brands she grew up hearing about has been rewarding for Christy. One memorable project she voiced was a 15-second commercial that aired in movie theaters across North America. With the money earned from that project, Christy was able to go on a second honeymoon to Disney World with her husband, an experience she will never forget.

“It really validated my decision. I was able to do a minimal amount of work and make what it would have taken me months and months of working full-time to make in a regular 9-5 job. Honestly, there have been so many amazing opportunities that a lot of them are really up there. Any time I recognize a brand and I get to put my voice to that name, it’s exciting!”
Christy Fabbri, Professional Voice Talent
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