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Voicey Awards

Top rated talent are awarded for their skills in 18 categories. Here are the top 5 category winners for their voice acting achievements:

Thomas Copeland Jr.

Most Favorited Demo of the Year

Rashmi Sharma

Best New Demo of the Year

Bridget Paul

Best Demo of the Year

Rachael West’s profile picture.

Rachael West

Best Female Voice Actor or the Year

David Kaplan headshot

David Kaplan

Best Male Voice Actor of the Year

Stay tuned for the next Voicey Awards coming February 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Voices has your back when it comes to payment. We require client payments upfront, prior to the work being completed. That payment is held in SurePayTM, our payment protection service. This protects both parties by ensuring payment is not released until everyone is satisfied. 

The client can release the funds as soon as the project is completed but if they forget, we will automatically release the funds 14 after the completion date. Learn more about our SurePay™ system here.

Make sure you have PayPal properly set up in your Account Settings to ensure you get paid in a timely way.

Develop skills in several areas of voice acting to find your niche and then practice scripts in the animation niche you’d like to work in. Sign up on websites like Voices, get an agent, and work towards building an animation client base. 

At Voices we want to see you succeed as a voice actor. We have many ways for you to get invited to jobs, have your projects purchased and make money. 

With a free account, you can receive private invitations based off of your profile. Set your profile up with demos and portfolio samples so that clients can discover you from the talent search pages. 

To audition for jobs, you will require a Premium membership. Our VoiceMatch algorithm will notify you of jobs that match your skills and you will be invited to audition. If the client likes what they hear, they will send you a job agreement and you’ll be invited to begin working on the project. 
Read through this FAQ to learn more about  jobs and job invites.