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As a talent, creating projects gives you another great way of earning money on Voices. When you create a project you:

Control the scope of your work

Create projects once and have clients come to you

Spend more time doing what you love

Customize packages to give clients price flexibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Project Marketplace and posting a job are both ways of finding talent on Voices. Projects are ready-to-buy offerings created by the talent. Jobs are postings you create to have talent respond with custom auditions. Projects pre-packaged offerings set at transparent prices and guaranteed timelines. They are based on commonly requested jobs from clients. The aim of projects is to skip the back-and-forth with talent and simply browse and buy. Projects can be broken into various packages to increase the value and to accommodate for any budget, from Essential, Enhanced or Elite. The projects can also be customizable with add-ons. Have talent come to you by posting a job. By completing the job form, we will automatically invite the best talent and they will respond with custom auditions. You can compare these responses and select the best talent for your job. Both methods are great ways of finding the right talent for you. It comes down to how you like to work.

After selecting the project you would like to purchase, completing the job requirements, and providing your payment details, the talent will be notified of your purchase. They will review the requirements and will choose to accept or deny. It is extremely rare that a talent will deny a project. Once they accept they will begin working on your project to meet the predetermined timeline. They do have the ability to message you if they have any questions. You will be notified when they begin work. When the talent has completed the work, you will be notified and will be able to download your files.

Projects are pre-packaged for convenience but we still have customizable options. Many projects have the ability to customize with add-ons. These are additional features that may not be covered in one of the packages (ie: additional revisions, split files, script proofing). You can purchase these for a charge giving you complete control over your budget. You can add more nuanced specifications and direction into your job requirements. Every project mandates the requirements are completed before submitting the project to the talent. This is where you can add additional files, instructions for talent, accent and the voice age.

Your money is always kept safe with our SurePay™ system. We require payment upfront but don’t release it to the talent until you have approved your final files and are satisfied with the result. You can pay via credit card, PayPal or invoicing, depending on your plan. This delayed payment protects both you and the talent from any potential financial issues.

Should a dispute occur over payment between client and talent that you cannot reconcile independently, a member of our Support Team will arbitrate and investigate the details and attempt to provide a solution. However, as outlined in our Terms of Service, Voices is not responsible or liable for disputes between client and talent. The full resolution of disputes is the client's responsibility and talent alone. To mitigate this risk of this happening, your money is safely held in our SurePay™ system. This enables you to release the funds to talent only when you are satisfied with the final files. The Platform Fee (for talent) and Processing Fee (for clients) are non-refundable, and the talent fee is subject to the agreement between client and talent.