Jargon and Voices

Voices has partnered with Jargon.com, the leading conversation platform for voice assistant applications.

SpokenLayer then integrates your voice experience directly into voice media, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant etc.

The partnership between Voices and Jargon bringings Jargon’s ability to localize voice applications together with Voices’s offering of the deepest and most diverse marketplace for voice actors. This unique combination serves to help brands to improve and expand the reach of their voice applications.

Currently, the two options for brands to enrich the end-user experience of their voice assistant application are to add personality with a human voice actor (as opposed to the default synthetic voice), and/or to localize the content in order to appeal to global users.

“We’ve witnessed the demand for Alexa Skills recorded by voice actors rise dramatically in the last year. Progressive brands are exploring voice as a channel that will complement search, social, mobile and video. Now that smartphones come with a digital assistant baked in, and with more than 100M Amazon Alexa devices in people’s homes, it’s fair to say that the era of voice has arrived,”

“Jargon enables voice applications to manage their content and reach global users on platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant” says Milkana Brace, Founder and CEO of Jargon. “Through our partnership with Voices, we are excited to offer a holistic solution to brands that are looking to expand their voice applications internationally, supporting both pre-recorded audio and text-to-speech content.”

Voices Co-Founder and CEO David Ciccarelli.

About Voices

Founded in 2005, Voices is the largest global online marketplace for audio and voice products and services, and is comprised of more than half a million business clients and voice actors. Its flagship website, https://www.voices.com, records approximately two million unique visitors annually and has enabled over 300,000 transactions to date. Headquartered in London, Canada, the Company employs more than 120 people and has clients and voice talent in 160 countries.

About Jargon

Jargon enables voice applications on platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to structure, manage, and optimize their content. Jargon is based in Seattle, WA and is a graduate of the Alexa Accelerator ’18.

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