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Why Voices is the education industry’s global source for professional voice actors

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Multi-talented voice actors equipped to take your project to the next level.

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Post a job to get custom auditions or find a project from seasoned pros in the education and eLearning industries.

Precise Sound

Get help honing a clear and coherent sound that will boost learner retention and enhance the learning experience.

Global Voices

We bring together over 2 million people from 160 countries to complete jobs in a range of languages.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate easily with your team on projects with our user-friendly platform.

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Our Managed Services team can take care of everything, and adjust to your workflow and preferences.

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At Voices, we can help you complete an endless range of project types. Our educational clients consistently rely on us for their voice over needs.

How Voices Works

Learn how Voices makes finding professional voice actors faster and easier than anyone else.

How Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven and safe way to pay

Whether private or public, educational institutions and companies need to ensure that their funds are secure. Voices’s SurePay™ service offers a proven, safe and sound way to pay for the talent you hire. Don’t pay until you’re satisfied.

Our voting feature enables remote teams to compile shortlists

When you have multiple stakeholders, whether they’re on student council or in your C-Suite, Voices makes it easy to take everyone’s opinion into consideration. Our voting feature enables teams of all sizes to vote on shortlists, even when you’re apart.

Top skills education professionals love

Here are the top five skills that our education clients source from Voices. Select a skill to explore voice actors in that category.

Our Educational Client Case Studies

Learn how Voices helped bring these educational projects to life.

Image of children reading books

Elearning voice over for international educational producer

One of the world’s largest producers and distributors of educational materials for children, schools, teachers and parents, needed voice over for a 24-part elearning video series. And they needed it fast. Here’s how Voices helped them find the perfect voice for their video series.

4 voice actors
24 video produced
100+ scripts & files

Learning Management Systems (LMS) with Western University

Western University, one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities, needed voice over for their animated promotional video for Western’s Co-Curricular Record. Previously they were using internal employees and recording on their phones. They came to Voices for a professional voice that was friendly and would resonate with students.

8 hours saved
1 language
1 female talent
Render video screenshot

Elearning training video for Render

Whether you want to liven up your health and safety training, or new employee onboarding, the right voice over can really set the stage for the learner outcome and set your team up for success. Here’s how Voices helped Render with their multilingual elearning training video.

9 languages
<48 hour turnaround
67k+ people engaged

“I did a quick casting for a last-minute radio spot we have for a local Nissan dealer… and boy did you guys deliver. I had over 30 auditions in about 90 minutes, and making the choice was a tough call. All-in-all, this has been a fast, simple, efficient and totally professional process. And our agency president is sold on using Voices for future voice casting needs.”

John Drew,
Basset & Becker Advertising

Education industry statistics

Wondering what’s going with the education sector these days? Check out these interesting statistics:

It’s estimated that the global elearning industry will be worth $370 billion USD by 2026
Source: Statista
Mobile learning could reach $80 billion worldwide by 2027
Source: Globe News Wire
9 in 10 companies now use eLearning as a training tool
Source: Research and Markets
70% of professionals believe that more businesses will adopt VR and AR to train employees
Source: Finances Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

An education sector is an essential part of an economy that is made up of institutions, such as schools, universities, training institutions, whose purpose is to educate. This can be done in person or online via Elearning.

Educational services are any service, like classes, programs, training, that exist to educate. 

Online learning is certainly part of the future of education. Key components of online learning include its flexibility and accessibility. The rise of online learning can be attributed to

  • the flexibility it provides to students and teachers,
  • its highly accessible nature,
  • the low cost of using the internet, and
  • the variety in education it provides.

It may be too soon to say if online learning is the future of education but there are pros and cons to both traditional and online learning that should be noted when having this discussion.

Educational technology can increase accessibility in educational settings and allows for remote learning. When teaching online or remote it is important to have the proper technology. Some basic things to look for are a strong wifi connection, proper microphone and camera and a platform to connect with the students (ie: Zoom, Google Meet). To improve student engagement, try to have high quality Elearning videos and engaging content.