Company Press Press Releases You’re More Likely to be a Billionaire if You’ve Got an American or Chinese Accent

You’re More Likely to be a Billionaire if You’ve Got an American or Chinese Accent

London, ON | April 26, 2022

  • Americans account for 28% of the world’s richest billionaires, followed by China (23%)
  • The world’s #1 voice marketplace analysed their own data and found that their most popular and highest earning voice actors are also from America or have an American accent
  • 91% of UK adults admit they find different accents to their own to be most appealing

The team behind the world’s #1 voice over marketplace,, analysed data from the Forbes World’s Billionaires List to determine some key traits of the world’s richest people, as well as analysing the number of dialects around the world and running a snap poll to determine how many UK adults find accents different to their own to be appealing.

The Richest in 2022 list features 2,668 people who make up the world’s most financially elite.

Key findings revealed that women account for just 12% of the world’s billionaires (with men accounting for the remaining 88%).

What’s more, more than one in four of them are from the United States (28%), while just over one fifth are from China, Macau and Hong Kong (23%).

India was home to the third highest amount of billionaires (6%), followed by Germany (5%) and Russia (3%).

It came as no surprise that India featured third in the list, being home to more than 19,500 languages and dialects. While no other country came close in terms of the amount of internal dialects, the UK did come 9th on that list with 40 dialects, along with Argentina and Venezuela.

Deep diving into their own data, Voices was also able to determine the nationality and favourite accents of the most popular and highest earning voice actors who use the platform around the world; America was found to be home to the highest earning voice over artists, with American being the most popular accent for a voice over artist.

A snap poll of almost 700 UK adults, ran by the team at, also found that 91% find someone with a different accent to themselves to be far more appealing. As many as one in five (21%) also admitted they’ve tried to change their accent over time to be more in line with an accent that they prefer – whereas over one in three (36%) admit they’re able to do impressions whenever the mood suits.

David Cicarreli, CEO of, commented:

“Our accent is a key part of who we are; it tells a story about our heritage and our upbringing. It’s what makes us stand out from our peers. Some countries have many different accents and dialects, while others are distinct, creating a sense of familiarity when meeting new people.

“Either way, we should be proud of our accents – they’re unique to us, they help people to recognise who we are and – you never know – others might just love you for yours.”