Company Press Press Releases Voices, the Leading Voice Marketplace, Calls Audio Branding a Necessity for Any Successful Business in 2022

Voices, the Leading Voice Marketplace, Calls Audio Branding a Necessity for Any Successful Business in 2022

London, ON | April 19, 2022

April 19, 2022 (London, ON) – Voices, the #1 voice marketplace, has identified audio branding as a critical element to any brand’s successful marketing and advertising efforts in 2022 and beyond.

“We’re consuming a lot more audio-based content than we used to. With more than a third of Americans listening to podcasts regularly, that’s about 110 million people offering up their audio attention in the U.S. alone,” says David Ciccarelli, CEO and Founder of Voices. “Since 54% of podcast listeners are more likely to consider buying from a brand after hearing a podcast ad, audio branding and advertising is crucial to connecting with target audiences where they’re spending their time: in audio-dominant spaces.”

Gone are the days of it being enough to create an aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed and a pretty landing page for a website to entice and connect with an audience. Consumers are getting smarter about the content they consume, so while those visually-focused efforts are still valuable to a brand’s image and positioning, consumers want more from the brands with which they engage and buy from. Audio-based mediums, such as podcasts, allow brands to more effectively and authentically connect with their target audience, leading to increased brand awareness, credibility, and trust.

Voices is no stranger to the power of audio. The leading audio freelance marketplace has spent nearly two decades harnessing the power of voice, connecting brands with the skilled audio professionals they need to bring their projects to life. From internet ads to video games and eLearning materials to widely broadcast commercials, the vast array of projects completed on the Voices platform all have one thing in common—they all need audio and the power of voice to be successful.

Walking the walk instead of just talking the talk, Voices has long since offered branded podcasts to its client and talent communities. Most recently, Voices Founder Stephanie Ciccarelli has rejuvenated the popular voice industry podcast “VOX Talk,” and CEO and Founder David Ciccarelli is gearing up to host a brand new podcast that takes a behind the scenes look at the creative process, the tools, and technology brands use to engage with their audience.

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